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Posted by on June 2, 2016



Absolutely!  Ever listen in when someone asks a 9-year-old what they want to be?  There’s NOTHING he can’t do, NOTHING out of bounds for her, zero they can’t accomplish.  Great scientist?  Army General?  World-class chef?  Navy Seal?  Neurosurgeon?  Astronaut?  Astrophysicist?  Part of first Mars colony?  SURE!  No lid, no ceiling, no boundaries.

So what happens as the years start showing multiple double-digits?

“Get real.”

“Woah, that’s gonna require some serious school, right there.”

“Are you sure?  I mean, that could be like dangerous and stuff.”

We contract chronic caution.  Right?  Sometimes we even use the Biblical enjoinder to count the cost and use wisdom.  There’s nothing wrong with that, unless it’s being used as an excuse to reel our dreams back or, worse yet, never go after them at all.

We’ve all ignited our dreams, pushing them way-y-y out there in such distant orbit that we exhaust resources, energy and sometimes even health trying to get out there to them.

What to do?

  • HOLD ONTO YOUR DREAMS!  And you’ll note I did specify.  Some of the most miserable people I’ve ever known have spent life trying to fulfill someone else’s dream for them.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting someone else to attain a dream.  Just be sure it’s theirs, not yours.  God gives you abilities and puts dreams into your heart for a reason.  Just use wisdom attained during those growing-up years to build some sensible way-stations – intermediate goals – you can reach using smaller booster rockets.  It’ll encourage you as you reach each one, and eventually get you from where you are to where you want to go and who you want to be.

  • DO NOT TRY DRAGGING YOUR DREAMS INTO A LOWER ORBIT!  It will become a habit.  You’ll keep doing it until the orbit decays–and you KNOW what happens next, right?  “Um, Houston?  Getting just a little warm, here . . .”

Leave that ultimate dream way out there–just use some smarts in setting up some satellite waypoints that keep you heading to–well, to infinity!  (I heard that!)


© d. dean boone, june 2016


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