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Posted by on May 9, 2016

“I caught me thinking in the show—how-hower-r-r-r . . .”

Maybe it’s the flow of cleansing, warm water washing away the night’s sleepybugs and crusty drool.  Okay, ‘Bathe&Brew’?  That’s just wrong on so many le—-where might I find one?  Or the scent of fresh, clean soap.  Body gel.  Shampoo.  Whatever lights the fuse, I most often begin composing each day’s Quiet Time Musings in the shower.

You got it; nowhere to jot down notes, right?  I mean, I did just wake up, Lord, but You and I both know when writing ideas get kick-started and begin buzzing around in my mind, I seriously need to remember them.  As is often the case, as the guitar remarked to the accordion, “I needn’t have fretted.”

God said, “Oh, you’ll remember.”

Anybody besides me thinking, “Uh . . .”?

Alaskan mosquitoes are unlike any polite Statesiders might have encountered.  They’re big, loud, always starved and those suckers fly in squadrons.  Must’ve learned it from us zoomies having spent so much time up there.  Forget ignoring them or hoping they’ll take an in-service day.  They’ll be there.  How many?  As many as it takes.  Just don’t let more than two or three get ahold of your shirt; you’ll be taking an unplanned ride, culminating in an unscheduled dismount once they’ve refueled.

“Okay–what’s that have to do with . . . ?”

Keep reading.  You’ll get it.

GOD:  “So . . .  Because you can’t see what I’m doing, you somehow decide I’m doing nothing?”

Me:  “Well, I wouldn’t—- ”  Have I mentioned when God gives you THAT look, it’s memorable?

GOD:  “Been listening to your nonbelieving, nominally-Christian friends again instead of reading what I’ve been telling you all along, have you?”  Oh, no-no-nooo.  Lesson learned.  Quiet.

What would’ve happened if Abram had your wimpy faith and told Me, ‘Uh, naw, y’know, I’m not really into traveling when I don’t know where we’re going, and since I can’t see you and all, I um really like it here in Ur’? “

What would’ve happened to the entire nation if Joshua had told Caleb to zip it and went along with  the other 10 spies?”

What if David had gotten sore at being chased until he had to live in a rock condo, sat down and said, ‘Aw, nuts.  Might as well just give up.  Too many of them, and it’s looking impossible.’?”

How about if Daniel had gotten fed up with praying while never seeing results?  You think the lions might’ve also gotten fed up?  Huh?”

“Are you saying I, God, need to stop and run it past you, showing you every little step, before I act?”

“You want Me to keep going, here, reminding you of countless times when My men and women have dared to keep believing and keep trusting in the face of seeming impossibility, without ever once seeing anything?  Read Hebrews 11 lately?”

“Do I really need to go over with you how often I’ve stepped in, right smack in the middle of what to you seemed a total wash, and stunned everyone involved with what I’d been planning all along?”

Even I can learn.  I waited.

GOD:  “Well?”

Me:  “Sir, NO SIR!  I mean—  um, no.  I, ah, I get it, Lord.”

I went on to recite how, again and again, God has directly or indirectly altered events and situations to work out His will, giving me the desires of my heart when I was pretty sure it would never happen.

God listened, nodding with each recollection.  Then He said, “Based on that, what is there that you reckon I’m unable to do if you’ll just keep believing, keep your dreams alive and keep paying attention to My words instead of every bigmouth out there trying to convince you I can’t?”

Friend, based on God’s track record in your life, what is there that you think He can’t do for you?

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present….  It’s a choice, and you’re the one who makes it.  Never let anyone else make it for you.

Oh–and by the way:  I know you sang it.  “I caught me thinking in the show—how-hower-r-r-r . . .”  Yeah.  You did.

You also talked like Yoda.  Can’t fool me.

© D. Dean Boone, May 2016

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