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Posted by on May 16, 2016

I think I’ve figured it out.

Christians – derisively called Those Conservatives or The Far Right by those of the port-turning persuasion – habitually pray and tell God, “I’m sorry” more because they’re trying to please Him.

Nominal, professional or non-Christians think that’s cute, that actual Christians are mentally weak, and never tell God anything – let alone an apology – because they’re trying to please each other.

What a burden to place on oneself!  It seems WAY simpler to live in a way that pleases one, doesn’t it?  I can think of no quicker way to jettison one’s sanity than trying to please and keep up with every other person you include in your philosophical orbit.

Think about it.  Those of you who self-identify as being progressive or more liberal in your thinking and philosophy:  I know you’re going to hate hearing this, but there’s a way you’re no different than all the rest of us.  NO two of you totally agree on ANYthing. And in the odd event that you might agree as to particular issues, you always do so for differing reasons.

Yup.  Just like all the rest of humankind.

How on Earth, then, do you ever arrive at a mental/moral/psychological/social and spiritual level resting place?  A sheltered, peaceful harbor?  An anchorage?  Trying to please the ten people closest around you would be enough of a challenge.  Yet everyone self-identifying as a Liberal Progressive is by definition trying to please every other one like them.  Since we’re all human (I checked), and all have divergent ideas and reasons and views and likes and dislikes, none will agree–so you’ll all be constantly shifting and changing your views to accommodate the one next to you, who’s just changed her views to accommodate the guy over there in the paisley bowtie and yellow ‘Give Chance A Peace’ visor.

Those of the Left think those of the Right are shallow for believing the Bible and wanting to please a single God.  Those of the Right are chagrined at the philosophical convolutions the Left must attempt to disbelieve the Bible and come up with ways to please whomever they might be talking to at present.  Yes, this comparison is simplistic.  I’m trusting all sides to use your good minds to recognize the verity herein and overlook its blockiness.

Seems to me there’s a whole lot less to try to remember in living to please Creator God.  After all, God’s concepts and designs are plainly spelled out.  What could be easier?

Well, yeah.  If you don’t like what you read and it cramps your style . . .

© D. Dean Boone, May 2016


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