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Posted by on March 5, 2016

Brilliant insight deserves recognition where it is found.  This is an article full of such insight.  As you read, give it time–  like that first sip of hot, fresh coffee in the morning.  Don’t scan.  Read.  It’s worth it.  Though I did not write it, I thoughtfully pass it along to you and would appreciate your giving it your attention.


“Enemies Move In Predictable Patterns” 

It sent chills down my spine as I saw the statement. I saw the deep revelation behind it, the awesome truth.  Did I read this in some deep spiritual document? Did I hear it from some wise master? Did I glean this from the strategies of some great general? No.

I saw it on a billboard. The billboard was advertising video game awards. I guess it meant that all video games have repeatable and thus predictable patterns. If you could figure out the pattern, you had a better chance of winning.

Enemies Move In Predictable Patterns. . .   I immediately saw this as a great truth in life. 

The vast majority of things that we struggle with, we have struggled with before. It’s not new. It repeats. It’s old and familiar stuff. It’s a predictable pattern. I can’t think of any NEW flaws that I have. I can’t think of any behavior that I want to change now that I didn’t have ten years ago. ALL of my enemies move in predictable patterns.

* I struggle with diet, trying to eat healthy and moderately.   *I struggle with pride, trying to have enough humility to hear God, enough self-assurance to do what God wants me to do and then not get puffed up about it when He gives me success. *I struggle with budgeting money. *I struggle with spending enough time studying.  *I struggle with spending enough quality time with the kids, my wife, and others who need my help. *I struggle with looking and thinking where I shouldn’t. *I struggle with just not wanting to do what needs to be done.

I struggle with enemies;  enemies that rob me of so much that the Creator desires for me. All of these enemies have been with me for a long time.

If you are honest with yourself, you have them too–  those enemies that move in predictable patterns.

Those who win at the game figure out the pattern of the enemy and break it. 


By now the ‘you’ deep within has taken a long breath, sat back and is thoughtfully rereading that list of struggles, this time adding one or two custom-fit to your own life experience.  No-no.  I don’t have a camera on you.  It’s the same thing I did after reading this the first time.  Patterns–right?

I leave you with the writer’s final thought which I believe is the definitive crossroads leading to either a pattern of discouragement and defeat, or continuing effort towards personal and spiritual excellence.

Those who win at the game figure out the pattern of the enemy and break it.

Here’s to you and me as we focus on patterns and, one by one, decide how to break ’em.

Game on.

I love you and I believe in you,






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