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Posted by on March 10, 2016

Don’t stand around looking at others for inspiration; they’re busy looking at you for the same reason.


Oh, I don’t mean a Trumpish pumpkin fake-bake and hair by tornado, or running around in Minion yoga pants and scuba fins–otherwise known as Walmart chique.  Let who you are, your character shine through from the inside out.

Waste no more time hunting for an impresser.  You do the impressing.

“But I’m not impressive.”

With respect, sure you are.  There are friends and acquaintances observing who you are, what you do and how you do it.  They’re also keenly watching your attitude.

As you practice the pursuit of excellence every day with passionate patience, you steadily grow.  You’re so used to the gradual upgrade climb you may not notice the growth–but those observing you will.  As you grow you create a draft into which those also intent on growing and who are watching you will naturally want to move.

Your positive momentum invites those watching you forward.  Some will resist, some will mull, while others will embrace the invitation to grow.  Don’t be offended by the resistors, assuming they are mentally defective or gave money to Bernie Sanders.  Everyone grows at their own pace, at times that fit their ‘now’, and in the directions of their own choosing.

It isn’t your place to define another’s dream.  It is your place to help encourage him to overcome status quo inertia and pursue his own.

To have lived a life rich in blessings and to have steadily enriched the lives of others is all any of us could desire.  And to create a powerful draft by our own forward momentum is one super way to make that happen.

The steadier and more energetic your own forward progress, the greater pull you’ll create on your way past.

Don’t slow down and don’t fret about who is or isn’t paying attention.  You’re doing what you do to help fulfill your dream.  Being immersed in that pursuit while cheerfully greeting each day and whatever it holds is a surefire way to get the notice of other individuals who are just as interested in achieving their dreams as you are in owning yours.

Figure it out.  Be going after it.  Do and be things every single day that invest in the dream God’s laid in your heart.

And don’t worry.  Others will feel the draft and step up, too.

And that, friend, is a solid WIN for all concerned.

© D. Dean Boone, March 2016


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