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QTMs for 2/1/16: “I WONDER. . .”

Posted by on February 1, 2016

“Other people are thinking about themselves. Just like you are.

Well, of all the—  this is what I first see as I open my morning mail?  It’s been a long habit that fairly soon after waking up I pray for God to show me something for the day that’s either new or offered in a new way.  I pray then for the wisdom and discernment to recognize it when it shows up.

I’m pretty sure this bit about me thinking about myself just like everyone else is not it.  I asked for guidance for whatever awaited me today.  I asked for His grace to flow over and through me and help me be more aware of myse–


Backing up and reading that again, this time without the snarky attitude going in. . .  “Other people are thinking about themselves. Just like you are.”  Other people are th—  Just like—

I sat for a bit, musing about the statement while sipping some Kona blend.  My very first cup of the day is always fresh, hot and black; I enjoy the subtle differences in flavor of the various roasts.  I usually add cream and sugar to the next several, however, for the food value and calories.

You just now was thinking, What do I care?  I’m still wondering about those goats I saw on Facebook that get up in trees.


In other words, you were thinking about yourself, just like I was thinking about myself.  We all do that.  It has nothing to do with not liking others or being uncaring.  It means we all have our own interests and generally are preoccupied with them to the point we don’t notice when the person in the next cubicle’s wearing two different shoes.  Or forgot to shave.  ‘Course, if it’s a gal–  well, it’s best not to notice.  You get my drift.

Getting dressed in the semidarkness of a morning can yield some interesting fashions.  Like the day I left the house with two completely different socks on.  Yes, brown and blue do go together now.  Just not on my feet.  As a recovering perfectionist, it stunned me when I sat down at noon to eat lunch and was confronted with the tragedy.  It nearly drove me to sanity until it dawned on me nobody had said a word about my socks.

Why?  They had more pressing, personal issues to think about.  Theirs.

So in response to, “I wonder what they think of me?” I say, “Very little.”

That’s probably a good thing.  That way, when God private messages you with somebody’s picture or name, you know there’s a reason.

So on those occasions when your mind goes, “P-TEEENG” and He shows you my pic or whispers my name?  Just remember to pray for me.  He’ll know what it’s about.

Well, sure, I’ll do the same for you.  If I think about it.

© D. Dean Boone, February 2016


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