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Posted by on January 23, 2016

His name is Jimmy LaCroix.  From Louisiana, he was an enlisted troop in radar operations at Malmstrom AFB, Montana when I knew him.  We served for a few months together in the 4642nd Air Defense Squadron before each heading off to whichever isolated remote duty sites the USAF chose for us.

Jimmy made a career of it, then headed back South to settle down again as a civilian.  His life since then was not easy, and his family relationships and health both suffered.  Since that point he worked to turn his life around, turning to God through Christ for wisdom and courage to live from day to day.

Jimmy and I reconnected through this blog, his computer being his major link to the outside world because of failing health.  It’s been a rare day that I haven’t received something from my old squadron mate.

Sunday at 3 AM some faulty wiring in the old house he lived in shorted out, causing a fire that destroyed his home with everything in it.  His message to me was, “All lost.  I have no insurance.”  He got burned trying to put out the fire before escaping the house.  He apologized for waiting so long to let his online friends know, but has to visit a friend’s house or go to the library to use a computer.

Yeah.  He lost that, too.  With no means to replace anything, Jimmy’s in a tough spot.  I’ve asked him to send me a mailing address so I could let the rest of you 2nd Cuppers know his plight.  I’ve not yet heard back from him, and it may be awhile longer.

I’m requesting any of you who would to consider filling out a money order made out to Jimmy LaCroix and sending it to me for now, until I have an address to send them on to him.  Any amount would help and be deeply appreciated.

I know we all have our own responsibilities.  I also know Jimmy now has nothing left from his 60-some years of living.  No pictures, clothes, keepsakes–well, you know what a house fire destroys.  Since I don’t know his sizes, the money to buy some things is likely best right now.  I suggest the money orders so you know it will all get to him.

Thanks, gang.  As soon as I have his alternate mailing address, I’ll send that out here so you can send directly to him.  I know he’ll want to thank you as his health allows.

Thanks for letting God help replace some urgent needs through you.

Loving you,



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