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Posted by on December 8, 2015

I’ve written about the 100% – 0% Rule.  That’s the one where you see everything involving your life as 100% up to you and 0% up to anyone else.

“But wait!  That’s just not realisti—”

Correct.  Things are rarely all one way and none the other.

However, when it comes to your response, that, my friend, is entirely on you.

SO.  We were talking about that reset deal, right?  And are we not right in the midst of thinking of that perfect Christmas gift?  Well, a dear friend dropped this in my mail this morning and I think it deals with the issue directly and well.

Here, then, is

The Ultimate RESET Button

No matter what’s happened… No matter what you’ve done or not done… No matter the problem you have or current situation you find yourself in…

There is a button you can hit at anytime to fix it.

That’s it.

Every problem or circumstance you face can be fixed by this button. Carry it around with you.

Whenever you start to whine, complain or make excuses – hit the button. Someone “making” you mad or frustrated – hit the button. Fall off your diet – hit the button. Someone not treating you fairly –hit the button. Feeling stressed out –hit the button. Show up late because “your kids”, “traffic” or the “line at the copier” –hit the button. Too busy to workout today –hit the button.

Distractions keep you from making your prospecting calls –hit the button. Your kids not behaving properly –hit the button. Arguing with your spouse –hit the button. Not making enough progress on your goals –hit the button.

You can fix anything, as soon as you take responsibility. 

Action for Today: Carry this button around with you today. Find a way to hit it at least three times.

Every time you start to explain, justify or make an excuse – hit the button. Every time you get distracted, start drifting off your written plan for the day, stop, pull out the button and hit it. Then get back on course.

Remember, the difference between success and failure has nothing to do with what happens to you. What happens to you happens to all of us (in some form or fashion). It’s only how you choose to RESPOND to what happens to you that ultimately determines your success, or eventual failure.

Meaning, no matter what happens – YOU are responsible.

What do you think?  A little radical to some folks’ taste, yeah.  Think it’ll work?

I think it’ll change some outlooks, and answer some of the silliness swirling around our heads regarding the entire world of political correctness gone amuck.

If we all are focusing on controlling and overseeing our own attitudes and the responses stemming from them, we have scant time to waste worrying about what somebody else said, or how they said it.

We’ll be intent on building a better US.

And that is definitely worth the effort!

© D. Dean Boone, December 2015

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