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Posted by on October 20, 2015

Do that.  Do your best right where you are with what you have.

There’s always a critic or two around to gig you on how you could’ve done this or that better.  Don’t let it even slow you down – much.  Critics are always easy to identify; they’re the ones leaning against the door, doing absolutely nothing themselves.  It’s a waste of vital energy and focus to get mad at them.  Being critical is an internal thing, and until that person wants to change nothing you say or do will make any difference.

Just keep doing your best where you are right now with what you presently have.  God honors that.  Real people do, too.


I’ve been doing my best where I am with what I have.  After two and a half days, I’ve managed to remove an old dishwasher, track down some leaks, replace a couple of old hoses and splice a water line, and install a new dishwasher.  A quiet one.

You were politely wondering why I haven’t been writing.  Now you know.  I have one more pressing task before I can relax:  my sump pump is only humming where it should be sounding like a blue whale slurping its way through a bunch of plankton.  Storms are predicted later in the week.  ‘Nuff said.  Right?

I already hear a potential critic:  “Replacing an old dishwasher with a new one doesn’t take 2 1/2 days.  Wouldn’t take me that long.”

Gentle smile.

With respect, you’re not me.  I’ve been doing my best where I now am, with what I presently have.  Anyone who knows even a little of my story understands the physical challenges inherent in such a task.  I know able-bodied men who don’t do some of the things I try to do.

I consider myself equally blessed to have an successful entrepreneur for an accountability partner.  Across our years together he has passed along so many concepts, such as “Learn to be excellent right where you are.”  Think much of things like that, and your basic life philosophy gets tweaked.  Mine has, and I continue to be impressed and grow from his constant stream of positive encouragement and example.

Why keep it up?  Because obstacles, failure and loss only stimulate me to keep trying.  I may go down trying, but I refuse to quit.  God invests a brand new 24 hours in me each morning.  I think I owe Him at least a decent return, a willingness to get back at it and try to make a difference in someone else’s life.  I work to focus on doing that today.  I’ll begin work focusing on tomorrow in the morning.

I’ll never be the strong guy I was.  Yet I’ll forever be the strong man I am.  There are different kinds of strength, and it’s silly to moan over what I no longer have while ignoring and failing to apply and improve what I have now.  Learning to creatively balance chronic lack of energy with a keen desire to do and be active takes more strength than I’d ever dreamed.

I’m grateful to be able to do, to be.  It’s a huge blessing and I’m thankful God spared me.  I’m definitely slower than just about anyone else doing the same job.  On the other hand, I work cheap.  Plumbers don’t.

Yay me!  Up with life!  I’m jazzed at the possibilities before me today!  I’m here to tackle ’em, I’m positive I can figure out what’s up with a reasonably new pump, and I know that between God and me, we’ll get it fixed.

Fortunately, God’s a real patient partner.  It may take me awhile.

But eventually I’ll get ‘er done.  Hence, yesterday (and the day before, and Saturday) the dishwasher!  Today, the sump pump!

And tomorrow?  Well. . .  tomorrow I’ll probably rest.

Know why?  I believe in doing my best, where I am, with what I’ve got.  Grudgingly, there are times that doing my best involves rest.

And caramel macchiato.

It’s a good philosophy; I recommend it.

© D. Dean Boone, October 2015

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