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QTMs for 10/15/15: JEWELS From JUNK

Posted by on October 15, 2015

I’ve an old friend, a high school classmate, who seeks and takes in old, unwanted, soiled, chipped, scratched, worn-down and worn-out things and makes beautiful, unique, often stunning things from them.  She takes things others have discarded and gives them new life.

Ah-ah-ah?  Don’t run so far ahead of me you lose the richness of this.  Not everything fits in Instant-Everything Land.

I won’t identify her here because I didn’t ask permission – although I think I know her well enough she’d likely be a card-carrying Member In Good Standing of People Who Believe It’s Usually Better To Ask Forgiveness Than It Is To Ask PermissionShe’s smiling.  I’ll still ask first.  Ed. Note, 10/20 – Got permission.  She is Gretchen Nation and you’ll find her unique, beautiful work on Facebook at GRETCHEN NATION COLLECTION. 

My friend has an uncommon creative eye that sees potential where others have seen only tiredness and uselessness.  She transforms those things with such a loving touch that, even if you know what they were before, you are constantly startled by what they have become.

Her new creations from old throwaways reflect the heart, mind and eye of a master.

Aaaaand there you have a picture of what God does in the lives of people others have given up on.  Throwaways.  Mediocre, nonBeautiful People who feel like their best days are underwhelming.

People just like me.  Just like you.

When’s the last time somebody took a look at you and went, “Meh”?  How about the last time someone was talking with you only until someone with more class or more social appeal or political capital or more popularity showed up?  Then you got dropped like a yard sale hanger.

Oh, I know.  “I don’t let stuff like that bother me.”  You just don’t say the last word, which is “much. . .”  Of course it stings.  Nobody likes being thrown to the curb, sidelined or trivialized.

Everyone likes being liked for something by somebody.

So when you’re tempted to feel like you’re an insignificant extra part that’s been tossed in the recycle or junk bin, think about my friend who routinely makes beautiful, unique, brand new creations from old, worn-out, outdated stuff.

Then think about God, who gave her the ability to see beauty where everyone else sees junk, and the love and desire to do something about it.

We’ve all been created with a gift or two we’re to use to better and strengthen one another.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t do so well – like, say, taking other people’s cast0ffs and creating things those same people would pay good money to buy – how about zeroing in on the gift God’s built into you?

It’s worth the hunt.  Find it.

© D. Dean Boone, October 2015

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