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Posted by on July 25, 2015

In times of national duress and trauma, I have always found comfort, strength and guidance in what the Bible has to say.  In yesterday’s mail was this devotion by a trusted friend:

I thank you, Lord, that you discipline those you love. I’m grateful that my loving Heavenly Father brings people and allows circumstances into my life to teach me, correct me, and mold me into the person you have for me to be (Psalm 94:12; Hebrews 12:6).

I smiled as I first read it, thinking, God sure must love America, then… 

As I thought further, I stopped smiling.  There’s nothing  amusing about what’s been happening in and to our nation.  Under the feckless, self-absorbed current President’s attempts to drag us into an oligarchy – with him cast, of course, in the starring role – what we see balefully staring back at us in history’s mirror is ugly.

Partisan labels have become so confused and conveniently interchangeable it’s become necessary to define terms before going forward. There are plenty of sorry examples in every party making you and I both distrust their claim to party or even American loyalty.  The names they go by matter little; they’re in it for themselves.

Therefore, I’m using Constitutional conservative and elitist Left to draw my comparison, not to poke but to define.

“We have festering problems in this country.  Over 80% of the American people are fed up with the professional political class.  Voters are sick of a lot of talk and no action.  These are pivotal, perilous times.”  – Presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina.

Of course she’s right.  We know it.  No matter your political philosophy regarding setting of public policy, we agree here.  So let’s get down to it.

Constitutional conservatives believe and live by the fact that American citizens may freely choose for whom they vote, decide what are their core values, make up their minds about their political stand and how they wish to worship.  They hew to the core values in our founding documents as written, applying them to all Americans – agree or not.  Those freedoms and rights are guaranteed therein.  No refining, redefining laws are necessary, beyond a good understanding of English.  Might shed a little light on why the Left is so adamant about us speaking every other language except English . . .

Not content to allow the free exercise of those freedoms and rights by all, the elitist Left has used and will continue to use any legal or illegal outside influence – including sworn enemies of us all and our way of life – to force Constitutional conservatives to abandon our beliefs and who and what we are.

I’ve 2nd Cup readers of all stripes, and I’ve proven over time that I treasure every one.  I need not agree with you to care about you, love you and include you in my praying – and by now you know the nature of my prayer for anyone about whom I care.  That some of you are more liberal than I just means we both have brains attached to our hearts and use them differently.

As long as we both are respectful of the other’s opinions and willing to listen as well as talk, nothing erodes that friendship.  As iron sharpens iron . . .  Put another way, as long as there are two roughly-equivalent political positions and basic philosophies serving as a check-and-balance, we’re always able to work together.

The truth, Liberal friend?  There’s an insidious, sustained effort to destroy any equivalency, rough or otherwise.  The Elitist Left will force you, too.  You also will be made to care.

This isn’t about you finally being able to toss aside all these repressive rules about morality and righteousness you feel the Right has forced you to accept.

This is about a few of the Elitist Left amoral and lawless types using you to gather yet more centralized power and money to themselves.  You don’t matter to them any more than we do.


The end result will NOT be your freedom to live however you want, unrestrained by all those onerous rules for clean living you believe we laid on you to make you miserable.

With us, you always had those freedoms.  They’ve been extant in our Constitution all along.  Our beef has been that some of you felt quietly, privately exercising your rights and freedoms weren’t enough; and that all the rest of us should be forced to see things only one way:  yours.

Okay.  That was fun for you while us conservative Constitution-huggers were getting lambasted right and left and you were being given a hee-yoodje pass.  I get that.  We’re all human, here.  Well–you know.

Guess what?  Those Elitist Leftists desperately lying and conniving to hold on to national leadership and the reins of power are just as ready to strip you of your “freedoms” as they’ve used you to try stripping us of ours.

Under Constitutionally conservative leadership your rights as laid out in that document would be just as treasured and protected whether or not we agreed with them.  That “WE” part means something.  It’s what being an American citizen used to mean.

Under an oligarchy?  Think ‘old Soviet Union and East Germany’.  There’s your real fifty shades of grey.

And under an oligarch who’s intent on holding the nation’s door wide open for radical Islam’s total disregard for our rule of law with Sharia’s ruthlessness, you, liberal friend, are just as at risk as the rest of us.  Maybe more, because many of you won’t see it coming until too late.

How long do you think they’ll let you alone?

You, too, will be made to care.

The time’s past for thinking in partisan terms.  Both major parties have shown us we Americans need to take our stand again and prove this is still a representative republic.  WE choose whom to represent us and who will be our leader instead of this insipid wimp we somehow were foolish enough to think had our backs and could more than run his mouth good.

You and I, friend, need to recognize the time’s past to fret about party.  What our current leadership has tried to construct is what they want you to believe is a small, aberrational clan of the Christian Right whose pockets of resistance pale in comparison to this monolithic juggernaut of Leftist/Socialist utopian bliss.

The intent is to destroy any opposing voice to them, not to     reestablish a two-party and three-branch system of appropriate checks and balances.

Once again, it’s not about your ‘freedoms’.  It’s about their control of us all.

And you, friend, are not exempt.

YOUR POLITICS:  GET OVER IT.  It’s now time for you and I to stand together and elect national leaders who

  • when they find it necessary to lie or withhold truth from us, it at least is for security reasons and not simply to get them out of yet more trouble.
  • even if they don’t personally agree with either you or I in what we believe, at least are sympathetic to our right and freedom to believe because we both are Americans first.
  • will actively dismantle the Elitist Left’s efforts to divide and separate us in every way imaginable, knowing it only enhances their ability to keep us weak as we squabble amongst ourselves.
  • will stop this headlong insanity to embrace a new/old dispensation of Antidisestablishmentarianism.  Simply running away from what’s been, trashing everything in the process, is never a good, long-term strategy for excellence.

The only person I want controlling national power and authority is one who recognizes my right as an American to as local and personal a level of control as is not specified otherwise in The Constitution of The United States of America.

The only person I want as my President is a man or woman who’ll stand up and fight for a safe, strong, secure, united America, and for all legitimate Americans.

That person is not going to come from the Elitist Left, the  Democrats, or from the established political professionals in the GOP who’ve been holding hands with those I just mentioned.  None have proven they can be trusted back in office, no matter who they are or what they’ve been.

Mark it down.

© D. Dean Boone, July 2015

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