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QTMs for 7/10/15 . . . YOUR REAL HISTORY: STUDY IT

Posted by on July 10, 2015

The only reason your ‘progressive’ national leadership has for keeping America’s real history from you is that they’re afraid you’ll find out they’ve systematically been lying to you.

There was a time when you had to accept what you were told.  There were no other ways to know the truth beyond spending years poring over old history texts and various historical documents.

Enter Professor Google.  Anyone with computer access, even from their smart phone, can learn the truth.  That same ‘progressive’ group knows this.  They do their best to tell you what those documents really mean, often being intentionally condescending and even rude to offend you to the point you don’t ask more questions.

Do it anyway.

Ask more questions . . .

  • “Why are you so intent on burying any mention of the Judeo-Christian influence and work ethic so foundational to who and what America is all about?  I mean, really:  why does the thought of our forebears being good, worthwhile, decent, hardworking people so gall you – and why do we have to dig so deep and try so hard to find what was once clearly taught to us?”

  • “What is it about my personal, individual, Constitutionally-protected freedoms and my independence from your noseyness and incessant attempts to control my life that bugs you?  I don’t force my thoughts and attitudes about American exceptionalism and being free on you–you’re free to believe and think what you want; but you sure seem intent on forcing me to swallow what you think, up to and including making my thinking somehow illegal.”
  • “Why do all your loudly-touted social programs you say history has proven effective wind up keeping the very millions of citizens you say you’re ‘helping’ only further beholden to you?”

  • “Why is your lying to us as to the reasons behind all your redaction and revision ‘for-your-own-good’ justified, yet when we start learning and telling what you’re hiding from us, you’re the ones who get mad and act as though WE’ve done something wrong?”
  • “Why is it always us who are expected to change to accommodate you?  Tolerance, understanding and information are all supposed to flow equally both ways in order for things to work for the good of all.  Yet you insist that all the rest of us must bend your way – one way only – all the time.”

  • “And why is it SO important to you to keep our children and grandchildren ignorant of the truth about the nature, the character, the wisdom and the moral and ethical strength of the early American men and women who founded this nation?”


  • “What are you so afraid of?


Your real history:  STUDY IT.

© D. Dean Boone, July 2015

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