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QTMs for 6/9/15: Some Things Are Just NOT “OKAY”

Posted by on June 9, 2015

There we were, minding our own business, unloading the day’s busyness with some TV.  Dinner was done, dishwasher doing its thing.  Relaxing.

Into this idyllic setting intruded an almost-electronic whirring, right at the highest setting of our ability to hear.  It invaded BC’s hearspace first, then mine.

“Gnat?”  “NO–I can see it; it’s right by your knee.”  Ah.  One of nature’s bloodsucking little minidrones had somehow invited itself into our living room.

Uh-hunh.  Mosquito.

Mosquito.  Conversation suddenly stills.  Hunting instincts kick in.  Eyes sharpen and squinch, scanning, scanning . . .  TV is forgotten, plot and acting and story now mere background noise.  Why?


Note:  nothing’s been turned down.  The TV volume remains where it was.  In fact, since now a hideously goofy Progressive commercial is on, it’s louder.

Doesn’t matter.  Everyone’s ears are now tuned:  above the din of everything else in the room, we all can now hear that almost-unhearable tiny high-pitched whine of . . . a single, steenking mosquito.

“Kill the skeeter, kill the skeeter, kill the skee–ter . . .”

You sang it.  I know you did.

Even the disgusting little insect knows it’s not welcome.  Watch it’s flight pattern:  here, then there, then up, then down–swooping, swooping, jinking left then right.  Pretty sure anything trying to just get from here to there does NOT fly like that.

Nobody welcomes a mosquito.

Skeeters fly like that because they know if they fly like any sensible bug – if there is such – they’re immediate toast.

Nobody welcomes a mosquito.  Mosquitoes poke people and animals, sometimes injecting nasty stuff in while withdrawing some blood from their local ATM.  Whenever skeeters are noticed, the reaction is instantaneous, abrupt and final.  100% of the time.  D – E – D dead.

Some things are just not “OKAY”.  They’re not leaveable.  And they are not for the same reason one does not show loving tolerance to the presence of a mosquito.  Those things, left in one’s life, only pull their host down – maybe making them sick in the process.

No one intentionally does that.


No one has a goal of messing up their life, wreaking havoc with their wellness of every sort.

So why leave the ‘mosquitoes’ in your life alone?  Why tolerate something or some things in your personal orbit that you know do nothing but drag you down in body, mind and spirit?

What to do, what to do?  (Some readers are gonna hate me for this . . .)

  • Kill it in your life.  Deal with it, get rid of it, once and for all. 


  • Let it go.  (I told ya . . .)

Skeeters in your life?  Either you smack ’em or let God do it; or release them and you walk away, never going back.  Either way, determine in your mind they’re no longer going to be hindering you.

Whether for you personally or in general, some things are just NOT “okay”.  You know it, and you know what they are.  The longer you put off dealing with them, the more they suck the life and health and strength – and resolve – out of you.  And just maybe they deposit some junk in you that you don’t need or want.

I’m encouraging you:  smack them skeeters.

© D. Dean Boone, June 2015

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