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QTMs for Good Friday, 2015: THAT’S IT, ISN’T IT?

Posted by on April 3, 2015

resurrect    transitive verb

Image result for risen Christ coffee1 :  to raise from the dead
2 :  to bring to view, attention, or use again
     There’s the sticky wicket.  Most concede the fact of Jesus of Nazareth’s existence.  Too many people step out of history’s pages to speak or write of him.  To maintain that Mary and Joseph’s son, Jesus, didn’t exist goes with standing in British riding togs, waiting for a saddled unicorn to show up.
     The problem is this whole rising-from-death thing.  The further problem is some of those same people from history’s pages saying they saw Jesus after He detombed.
Image result for the resurrection
     I witnessed many deaths.  I responded via pager to many more – men, women and children, some of the latter victims of fetal demise.   For you and I, dying is pretty final.  Time, for us, stops when our heart does.
     One of the most precious, powerful things  I’ve ever encouraged families to do with an actively-dying loved one is to gather and lay their hands lightly over the beating heart of that one so close to Time’s end.  It’s a way for a family to experience a togetherness they’ll likely never forget, regardless of relationships.  I observed quarreling siblings – or in the case of a dying parent, spiteful children – hesitantly approach the bed and after an abortive attempt or two, gingerly lay their hands over the beating heart of their dad or mom . . .
. . . and feel that God-created, rhythmic pumping stop.  No more movement.  No more respirations.  Nothing is so still as a human body its soul has just left.
     None of Jesus’s family had that chance.  He died alone.  That was the rule.  Nobody ever got out of a crucifixion alive.
     So you can imagine the spiritual/emotional tornado going on inside as normal, sane, life-goes-on people saw Him later after the burial.
     What would you think?  Someone so much a part of your earthly life removed from it by startling, silent, still death walks up to you several weeks later; gently puts a hand on your shoulder, smiles at you and says, “Buy you coffee?”
     The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the singular most critical event in human history.  There will always be those who won’t believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Creator God.  Nothing will change a mind intentionally closed.
     I choose to believe.  Jesus of Nazareth, son of Joseph and Mary, is the Christ, the risen Lord.  Some time around 1,982 years back, we all rejected his deity and message, wanting a depraved, hardened convict named Barabbas freed instead.  Interesting, isn’t it, to what ends sin will take us?
     Since that day, countless souls have taken their final flight while proclaiming Jesus Lord of their lives and eternal destinies.  One day in God’s governance I will add my voice to theirs.
     I believe in Jesus Christ, and I believe in His resurrection.  I believe, in God’s continuing governance, that Jesus will come here again as promised in the Bible.  I believe His Word is true and am forever grateful that anyone – anybody – who chooses Jesus as Lord will on that day experience final, total victory over this thing, this hideous interruption of life that we call ‘dead’.
     As you move through the continuing busyness of the joyous Easter season, gathering in whatever form, I wish you these things because Jesus lives!
  • crazy hope
  • joy-filled faith
  • undying love
  • heart-deep service
  • a great, laughing, undeniable witness


A blessed, memorable gathering to you, friend, from me!


© D. Dean Boone, April 2015

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