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QTMs for 3/7/15: AND GOD IS SAYING . . .

Posted by on March 7, 2015

“I know.  I see it all, hear every word.  Beyond that, I read hearts, minds and motives.  Imaginations that are never put into words are like bold-face type to Me.  The instant anything anywhere is thought by anybody, it’s like they’ve just texted it to Me.  I’ve been watching and listening.  I’ve heard and carefully analyzed every prayer you’ve whispered – especially those bathed in your tears of frustration, hurt and unhappiness.  I know your desire to see the right things done in the right way.

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“I know who belongs where, I know whom I’ve called for specific places of service and responsibility.  I know whom I’ve gifted and why they’re not being used.  I know those who have forced their way into leadership roles, seeking men’s applause and their own way instead of seeking Mine.  I know those whose hearts have so filled with arrogant self-interest and -importance they now believe their thoughts are automatically Mine.  I know those whose service for Me began in a sincere love for My Word, My church and My work; but who now have been so long, so comfortable where they are that they feel entitled to their office and jealously guard it and themselves from any interference or criticism, perceived or otherwise.  They aren’t listening to Me any more.

“I know those who belong to Me just as I know those who do not.  I know those who try to sweet-talk Me in front of others, when they themselves suffer from self-inflicted chronic hardening of the attitudes.  I know those whose desire is to promote themselves and their work instead of Me and My work.

“And dear son or daughter?  I pay special attention to what’s done and said in My sanctuary.  Wherever My children meet to worship, I am always there as well.  Nowhere and at no time is that more true than on specified days and times of worship.  Nothing done, said, taught, sung or played in My space during time set aside to worship Me ever escapes My notice.  This is MY Church!


“My Spirit is always present and ready to overfill My sanctuary with My loving, convicting, saving, healing, restoring Presence.  Always.  I love it when one of My children asks Me to so fill My sanctuary with Who and What I AM that nobody can help but feel and sense it!

“And I really love it when My children leave plenty of room for Me to do what you call miracles!  I do!  I love to answer your praying and your heart’s desires by making things happen in ways and at times nobody expects, nor can explain!  I’d be doing more of it if My people got serious about seeking My face and My ways again.  When they and I work together, nothing is out of bounds.  Nothing!

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“I know.  I know it all, and I know all of you.  I am God.  This is MY world, suspended in MY universe.  I appreciate being accepted and received by those I’ve created; but I don’t need your approval to go on being and doing Who and What I AM.  Before a one of you existed, even those of you who loudly proclaim I’m not real, I AM.  If not a single one of you survive and remain, I AM.  I can always start over and create a new batch, you know.  It’s not like I’ll run out of Time like you eventually will.  I AM.  I exist in Timelessness, above and multidimensionally beyond anything you know or could ever imagine in a place of order, Light, worship and instant, complete obedience.

“My son, I know your heart is troubled.  My daughter, I see your tears.

“I am more aware of the things troubling you right now than you can imagine.  I see all your past, present and future and am working beyond your understanding behind The Curtain to make all things blend and function together for your good and, through you, to that of others.

“Be patient in your service to and for Me.  Love as openly and authentically as you are able.  Do everything you can as if you were doing it for Me, as if I were standing right next to you, observing and listening.  I know what’s going on, who’s involved, and what it’s going to take to do what needs done.  Check My Word.  I’ve done this kind of stuff before; this ain’t My first rodeo.

“This IS My circus, and these ARE My monkeys.

“Keep your own heart, mind and spirit laser-focused on Mine.  Be as faithful as you know how.  Keep loving everyone you can with the kind of love I showed when I was there with you.

“I’ve heard your praying.  I’ve added it to those of others who also love Me and are dispirited and distraught by what’s being done and said in My name.  Be being faithful to Me.  I am about to answer your praying.”

My friend, I don’t often get awakened like this.  When I do, I always stop and my heart says something like, “Um, okay.  Lord, are You sure I’m hearing You right?  Help me make sure what I’m writing here, today, aligns with Your Word.”

I’ve lived long enough, been walking with God long enough to spend years praying over people and situations – and then stand with sagging jaw as God steps in and puts the pieces back on the board where they belong.  I’ve been surprised at who He isolated and exposed; and how He replaced them with those He’d intended to serve there all along.

I know the heartache in being willing to serve God but being crowded out by ambitious others whose focus and concept of worship seem to extend no farther than their mirror.  A word of loving caution:  you don’t always know the ‘who-what-when’, but God unerringly does.  Relax the white-knuckled grip on your faith.  As long as you keep it centered in Him, it’s not going anywhere.  Rest your faith in Him and in His promises.

 I encourage you to join me during this Lenten season in reading the little letters toward the back of the Bible:  1st and 2nd Peter, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John.  These two guys were there.  They saw it all go down.  They smelled the copper tang of His blood.  They stood there, baffled beyond talk, at His rising from being dead and the day He left them.

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Peter and John were there.  Pay attention to what they have to tell you.

They’re real eye-openers.  After you read and let what they say settle a little – you know, like coffee grounds – I’d love to hear some of your thoughts and impressions, especially in light of this morning’s Quiet Time Musings. 

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I love you and admire your honest attempts to please God by your living, your daily work and your worship. 

And I believe in you.


© D. Dean Boone, March 2015

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