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QTMs for 2/21/15: HEAPS OF BLESSIN’S

Posted by on February 21, 2015

The phrase read, “You have poured out blessing upon blessing into my life.”  The Psalms always have something to say if I’m listening.

It is from a daily blog of a friend and brother whose thoughts I carefully weigh.  And since it melded so nicely into my own waking thoughts this morning, it provides an agile, lively springboard from which to launch these Quiet Time Musings for what shapes up to be a dreary, cold, rainy Saturday out on America’s Great Plains.

Coffee - fire1

I used to take my coffeemaker carafe in and laboriously fill it with water while trying not to crack or break it.  In case you hadn’t noticed, those glass carafes that come with your Mr. Coffee aren’t really made or shaped to easily fill from short faucets.

My office is right next to the downstairs bathroom

I happen to really like coffee.  No – I mean I LIKE coffee.

What to do, what to do?  A-HAH!  I’ll wait until somebody brings me a piping hot, fresh cup of joe.  Yeah!

Tum-te-tum . . .  hmm.  Five-letter word for moron, begins with ‘i’ and ends with ‘t’ . . .


Conversations with yourselves are always instructive.  This one between Me 1, Me 2 and Me 3 ensued . . .

2    “Seriously?  You’re sitting around, waiting for—hey, genius, any idea what time it is?  Anybody, uh, tell ya if you want something you gotta go make it happen yourself?”

 Well, I was thinking that–

Coffee - arguing12:    “Oh, you were thinking.  That’s your problem–well, one of ’em.  You think too much!  Get off your butt and make some coffee, already.  You always have fresh, hot java ready to share with us every morning.  What’s with that, sitting around expecting somebody else to do it?  Psssh!”

     “Well?  You know I can’t stand you sitting there, not sayin’ nothin’ but just looking at me like I tracked something in or left somethin’ unzipped . . .”   

     “Nothin’ ta say, hunh?  Wootsa maddah, cat gotchoo toong?”

Would you like feedback?

3:     “Oh, this should be enlightening.  Wait–my popcorn.  Okay, press on.  And 2?  Let me just take this opportunity to point out you’ve made a fine art out of figuring out too late that you should have shut up ten minutes ago.”

2, sullen:     “Yeah, what?”

You’ve fallen deeply in love with the sound of your own voice, you’re lazy, you’re quick to judge before having all the facts and the only reason I put up with you most days is because you are part of me.  You think your smart remarks are witty and humorous, when all they are is obnoxious and hurtful.  You’ve become spoiled; and I think you’ve forgotten all the best parts of what serving others is all about. 

2:     “What are YOU lookin’ at?  And lose that stupid grin!”

3:     “I told you it would be enlightening.  It’s when he’s quiet that you should know by now to leave him alone.  It occurs to me we ought to let him finish his thoughts and get this published.  You think you got the sharp end of the stick just now?  Get between him and his work and you’ll see a side of him you’ll not want to revisit.”


Anyone besides me figured out working a crossword doesn’t equal hot coffee?

Anyway, rather than to keep fussing with a rounded glass carafe in the bathroom sink, I came up with (dun-dun-DUNNNNN . . .) an idea.

I bought an inexpensive plastic half-gallon pitcher, filled it with a carafe-full of water, marked that level on both sides, and VWA-LAW!  Plastic fills and pours so much easier than dumpy, glass carafes.

Pitchers pour.  It’s what they’re made to do.  Pour.

The Psalm says that God has POURED OUT blessing upon blessing into my life.  The only ‘trickle-down’ that ever occurs in my life is when something’s blocking the channel, clogging up the works.

I’m guessing it’s the same way with you.

The Adversary’s real good at keeping your attention on all the downside of life.  Don’t let ‘im get by with that!

You, my friend, have had God pouring out blessing upon blessing in your life, too.  Look for it.  Expect it.

And keep the channel clear of anything that would block it.

Oh, yeah–and watch those conversations between your selves.  They really are teaching moments.

© D. Dean Boone, February 2015

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