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QTMs for New Year’s Day: WHY, YES–YES, THIS IS MY YEAR

Posted by on January 1, 2015

Ever make a plain ol’ dumb statement you immediately wish you could reel back in?

Ever notice the quickness by which listeners identify its obvious dumbidity is in directly inverse proportion to how badly you want to take it back?

“Hey–ya think this is gonna be YOUR year?”

Encouragement - Creating yourselfCauliflower …  peanut butter …  coffee beans …  bread …  (Hope they got the good stuff in)  clam chowder …  filters!  Coffee filters:  duh …  Hm, lessee, here–what’m I forgetting?  Cauli—  Oh.  Elbow pasta and cheese.  Right-right.  Eggs.  Butter …  and what was that junk–keen something-or-other—- looked a little like dry grout but it’s supposed to be really good for—“

“I said, do ya th—”  Cranking the volume up a notch.

I heard what he’d said.


   20i5 has been tailored specifically to me.  

     “I was trying to decide if this would be a total waste of a perfectly good sarcasm.”



I thought about the question and it deserves some consideration.

Query:  “This gonna be your year?”

Whose else would it be?

20i5 has been tailored specifically to me.

  • I’m 97.9 and breathing.
  • I have the exact same mental and emotional abilities of anyone else who’s ever done anything worthwhile and lasting in this life.
  • I have physical limitations which help me marshal my energy and focus my attention on what’s important instead of what’s insistent.
  • There is nothing in my way that can keep me from making 2015 the most significant year of my life thus far.  Nothing, that is, except me.

Coffee - 20153


So, yeah, as a matter of fact:  2015 is mine.  To build, create, excel and accelerate.  Mine to write and publish, to lift, encourage, edify and challenge every reader to personal and spiritual excellence.  Mine to speak and encourage, to motivate and empower.  Mine to order my life and my days in ways that honor God and strengthen you.

This is a year brimming with changes.  I not only want to know they’re coming.  With God’s guidance, I mean to constantly be disciplined, even at play, to the point I’m positioning myself to be ready to receive and make best use of them.

I know I can trust God to make even changes that at first appear hurtful work out for my good because I love Him and put my daily faith in Him.

I figured out long before this that though I don’t see very far ahead, even with my intuitive nature, God does.  Sees it a-a-all at once.  Therefore, it just makes sense to constantly be partnering with Him, following His lead even – especially – when I can’t make much sense of where we’re headed.

Remember when Jesus asked the guy, “So–you wanna be healed?”  The guy’s answer showed he was still stuck on ‘humanly-possible and therefore likely’.  He was stuck in Pitiful mode while the King of Creation was offering him Mega-answers.

God’s not going to do for me what I can and therefore ought to be doing for myself.  As  I push open the door to 2015 and walk through, I’ve zero interest in following that guy’s example.  Not when the same King is offering me Mega-answers to questions I don’t yet know enough to ask.

Based of God’s track record of doing things just as He’s said He would, I believe walking closely with Him while letting Him lead is a winning combination.

Yes.  2015 is gonna be my year.  I’m going to help make it that way.

Keep reading after me.  I read every comment.  I always respond to those requiring an answer.

Tell me what you’re thinking.  Let me know when something helps.  When something doesn’t, please help me understand why.  Sometimes it’s where you are in your growing process, and sometimes it’s a blind spot in mine.

Either way, we are growing together.  I will be producing things this year unlike anything else I’ve ever written.  The more you read of what I write and respond with what feeds your heart, mind and spirit, the better I can do at making this more of my year.

And the better I can do in encouraging you to make it yours as well.

Coffee - Seasons - New Years3© D. Dean Boone, January 2015



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