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QTMs for 12/7/14: JUST KEEP DOING IT

Posted by on December 7, 2014

The only validation to praying is God’s answer.

So keep praying.  Don’t stop.

Doesn’t matter what time it is.  I was awakened at 2:47 this morning with a sense that somebody needed some prayer cover.  I uncobwebbed my wits and began praying until the immediacy of it passed and I went back to sleep.

Coffee - Christmas colorsEver feel that eerie sense that somebody or something’s tip-toeing up on your six?

We don’t always see spiritual danger any more than we always see physical danger developing.  I’ve often wondered why more pastors and teachers don’t take a page from security specialists’ notes and teach us all to be practicing spiritual situational awareness.

Anyway, Paul was mighty close when he told the new group of Christ-followers at Thessalonika to just keep praying.

Important, why, again?  Because even though you and I can’t always see the threat, God does.  And staying in an attitude of consistent contact with Him keeps you and I a lot more apt to be aware of the Adversary creeping around behind us.

It also keeps us all more attuned to one another’s needs – like when God wakes us up to pray for each other.

I do have an observation, though.  I wonder if whoever it is that’s always needing prayer at 2 or 3 AM couldn’t have a brother or sister in faith a little closer by . . . ?  After all, praying on the drive in to work every day is something we’re usually doing anyway, right?  Especially on certain freeways.  Defensive praying.

Ah, well.  Maybe God knows enough to get one of us somewhere halfway around the world out of a sound sleep because He finds it a little difficult to grab our attention at, say, 3 in the afternoon.

At any rate, be praying on, peeps.  Don’t stop.

That is all.

© D. Dean Boone, December 2014

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