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2nd Cup PSA, 12/30/14: RE: “THE INTERVIEW”

Posted by on December 30, 2014

Hey, gang –

I just received this warning from a corporate CFO and controller who is also an IT type.  I know how tempting it is to latch onto the latest popular app and start downloading what everyone else is talking about.

Coffee - Hello MondayI mean, nobody wants to appear dull and uninformed.  Right?

It’s possible, even likely, that canny techie types can create their own market, then offer you a way to defeat whatever they did to cause that boom in the first place.  Naivete is such an ugly word.


Subject: Movie Interview Scam

 1.  Bad guys have now created an app that researchers at McAfee identified started in South Korea in the last few days, attempting to exploit the media frenzy related to “The Interview” movie. There is a torrent download, and it poses as an Android App to download the movie to mobile devices. But no, it’s a banking Trojan.

You got that, right?  A BANKING Trojan.  If you’re unsure what that is, Google it and find out. 

Warn your users that they need to be very careful not to download anything related to “The Interview” unless they are 100% sure it comes from a legit source. And if they want to see it, go to that website yourself, and do not click on any link in an email promising to play the movie.



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