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Posted by on November 29, 2014

Some of my most vigorous and telling conversations have been with myself.

Both me and myself are well-acquainted with the other’s argument, having heard and reheard it ad oh-pleaseum.  Upon occasion I must then step in to moderate and restore a modicum of sanity.  This was one of those rare times when both me and myself were joining in the spirit of holiday recalcitrance.  I had to become a tad forceful, which is always an interesting thing to observe.

Here’s what I told myself . . .

Coffee - Some coffee for that frown“Having known God’s super- and extranatural touch – being right now alive and functioning solely because God miraculously intervened – do you now balk at Him doing it again?

“What is there God cannot do?

“More to the point, what have YOU in your sparkling wisdom decided He can’t or won’t do?  And I’m waiting to hear all your wonderful reasons why.  Really.  I want you to tell me why, when it gets right down to it, you suddenly feel you know better than God?

“How often did Jesus say things like, “Your faith has healed you” or “Be it unto you according to your faith”?

If you’re partnering with God, daily seeking His way, will, means and timing in and through your life, there is no “impossible”.

“Are YOU so busy getting in your own way that you block God from doing what He wants to be doing in and through you?”

Me, being brash and manifestly unappreciative of the lecture, started to open my mouth in preparation for a spirited defense.

Myself:  “Don’t go there.  Shut–  HEY.  Shut to the up!  You know I is right.”

Me (teeth clenched and lip curled):  “Yeah, well, I is always so– so reasonable and–  and–“

Myself:  “Right?”

Me (teeth clenched tighter):  “D’OH! (huffing now in frustration)  YES!”

Myself:  “Okay, well, since we both are on the wrong side of this deal, suppose we listen to what else I has to say?  You KNOW I is hard to live with when he’s trying to make a very good point and we aren’t listening.”  Myself at this point aimed a well-placed elbow into the short rib of Me, pointing with his chin at I. 

Me whirled, ready to fight, until he saw the warning glint in Myself’s eyes.  “Oops.  That means he’s now aligned with I and things are gonna get real uncomfortable for lil’ ol’ Me.”  Sighing, Me turned to quietly listen to the rest of what I was telling Myself.

Ever whimper in the face of seeming difficulty?  “Impossible” pop into your mind and roll off your tongue too easily and smoothly these days?  Oh, you may not actually say it, but the way you’re acting sure gives everyone around you the impression you believe it.

If you’re partnering with God, daily seeking His way, will, means and timing in and through your life, there is no “impossible”.

The only impediment to God’s infinite freedom to operate and His inexhaustible creative flow is you.  It is your annoying and embarrassing tendency to want to control what God is doing, and how and when He’s doing it.

Son, ya got ta BELIEVE!

Me:  Wait.  That last bit isn’t in quotations.  And I thinks he’s SO—-

Myself:  You must be the poster child for dense fog.  Haven’t you learned yet when he does that he’s including everybody else in the message?  The only limits on your life from here on are the ones you create and refuse to tear down.

Me:  Hey–you’re starting to sound like– now where’d he go?  Guys?

© D. Dean Boone, November 2014


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