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Posted by on October 9, 2014

Hey, gang –

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I think and pray purposefully about what to put in this space.  I’ll honestly tell you I’m totally sick what passes now for the entire political process.  I’m even sicker at the kinds of things being done to enable people to trick their way into elected office – often with the blessing of persons who ought to know better.  Therefore, I’m including this article I just received from Gary Bauer, Director of the Campaign for Working Families.  The CWF is responsible for this – not any candidate from any party.  Please–read on . . .


Thursday, October 9, 2014

To: Kansas Friends & Supporters From: Gary L. BauerWhy I Stand With Pat Roberts

My friends, it is difficult to overstate the importance of the 2014 elections. America has suffered too much under the Obama/Reid regime, and I don’t want us to suffer any more. That’s why taking back the Senate is so important. If we can kick Harry Reid out of the Senate Majority Leader’s office, we can begin to undo much of the damage Obama and Reid have done to our country and our values.

But that won’t happen if we lose the Senate race in Kansas.***   That is why I am standing with Senator Pat Roberts. Now, I know there was a bitter primary battle just a few weeks ago. For some the wounds are still sore. While it would have been my preference for the party to nominate a younger, more vigorous candidate, the fact is Senator Roberts won the primary. I know there were some big issues that came up. But when it comes to representing Kansas values, Pat Roberts does the job well. He’s got a 98% Lifetime Score on Campaign for Working Families’ Congressional Scorecard. Where I come from, that’s a pretty good grade.

As the saying goes: United We Stand, Divided We Fall. If conservatives do not unite behind Senator Pat Roberts, we will lose this race and we will lose any hope of taking back the Senate. Your choice now is between Senator Pat Roberts and a Democrat in disguise. Make no mistake about it — Greg Orman is a Democrat.

  • Orman ran for the Senate in 2008 as a Democrat.
  • Orman donated to Barack Obama and Harry Reid.
  • Orman supports abortion.
  • Orman supports same-sex marriage.
  • Orman supports Obama’s comprehensive immigration reform / quasi-amnesty bill.
  • Orman opposes efforts to repeal Obamacare.

Democrats dumped their own candidate and are now backing Greg Orman.

Is there anything on that list you support?

Do you want Harry Reid to continue to control the Senate?

Do you want Democrats like left-coast liberal Barbara Boxer and Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders to remain chairmen of key Senate committees?

Do you want Obama to go unchecked for the last two years of his presidency? If the answer is “No,” then join me in supporting Senator Pat Roberts on November 4th.
*** You may think this political hyperbole; it is not.  That’s why the Orman campaign has gone to such lengths to hide his true political roots.  They’re thinking if they can manage to obscure the truth about this candidate until he’s elected, he can show his real colors at any time.  After all, that’s what the President’s done.  It’s what Harry Reid has done.  Seems like that’s what Candidate Orman will do, too, unless you stop the foolishness and trickery.  By the way, stating facts and pointing out the whole truth about a candidate is not lying or spinning.  It’s not racist, either.

Thanks, everyone, for taking time to read and think about this.

I love you and I believe in you,


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