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Posted by on October 16, 2014

Coffee - Danger1I’ve long distrusted the ‘Aah, it’s great, you’ll love it’ approach to downloading apps on smartphones.

Here’s one reason why, and it’s as new as this morning’s headlines.  Please–make the time to check out this information.  I hope it makes you as wary as it does me.

This isn’t fun, exotic or entertaining.  Those behind this hope for that reason you’ll glance at the stuff below in red, shrug, yawn and delete.

DON’T.  LISTEN TO THE CLIP, JOT DOWN WHAT IT SAYS TO DO, AND PASS THIS ON.  Yeah–I DO think it’s that important.  I believe you will, too.  I also think it’ll slow you down as you choose what apps to swallow just because they’re so easy to download.

Not every new app is your friend.

Coffee - Danger3

Do you do everything iPhone and Android tells you?


Thank you.



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