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Quiet Time Musings for 8/25/14: BELIEVE OR NOT BELIEVE; THERE IS NO TRY

Posted by on August 25, 2014

Either you believe it or you don’t.  It’s as simple as that.

After all the hoo-ha down in front of the bleachers has died down, cheerleaders exhausted, there’s a point where you need to decide for yourself.

Beyond the Buick-grill smiles of professionally-bright sales and motivational types comes The Real Thing.

“Aah, they’re paid a lot of money to be all bright and upbeat!”

Coffee - Yoda - calm shall you keepPrecisely. Do you seriously believe, later, after the spots are darkened, house lights out and everyone’s gone home Mr. Buick-grill doesn’t have some come-to-Jesus times?  Do you seriously believe he doesn’t occasionally sit slumped in a hotel room chair, de-tied, sweaty shirt collar unbuttoned, oblivious to HSN’s hosts hawking cookware, wondering if he comes across as plastic and noxious as they?  The channel doesn’t register; he’s listening to the one being played in his own soul.  Do you seriously believe—-

There it is!  There’s the impertinent, pestering question.

Do you seriously believe?

Banks are eager to thrust money your way provided you can prove you need none.

Anybody can have faith when they need none.  Oh, how much more gusto we put into singing about leaning on God’s everlasting arms when we’re not.

I mean, can we put some strong faith on a situation when we’re not personally affected by the outcome or what?  Oh, yeah, babe.  It’s simple to have brave, empowered, parade-ground faith when it’s someone else’s issue.

When it’s yours things are different.  Praying isn’t polite.  It’s pointed.

“Mercy, Son of David!  Mercy on us!”  It was two blind guys who’d decided enough was enough.  Jesus asked the question:  “Do you really believe I can do this?” 

“No doubt in our minds at all.  We do!”

“All righty, then:  become what you believe!”  It happened.

It’s there.  Matthew chapter 9.  Those two had been following Jesus around, keen hearing recording in their minds everything He was teaching and doing.  They knew what they needed.  They knew He could give them what they needed.  It didn’t amount to the northern terminus of a south-bound skunk what anybody around them thought.  The Church Dads’ opinions mattered even less.  The answer was pretty clear:

Keep asking, seeking and knocking until the answer comes.  Hammer down.  Peddle to the metal.

“Why doesn’t God immediately answer, then?  You say He knows everything, knows us–so why wait?”

For the same reason Jesus asked the two blind guys what He did.  He knew they’d been following Him around; their proximity was not subtle.  I imagine some His followers had probably long since been bugging Him:  “Hey, boss, you want I should, uh, biff ’em around a little?  Get ’em to shut up, already?”

Jesus knew the two blind guys were there.  Still.  He wasn’t holding back because He couldn’t do it, or was waiting for the right audience, or wasn’t in the mood.

Why does God wait?

  • His flawless, perfect timing
  • He waits until He knows you know He can and will do it.

When you touch the ends of those two things together, a connection spits fire across the Universe.  After that, you can begin thanking and praising God for the answer.  It’s as sure as He is.

“Before it’s happened?”

Yep.  That’s why it’s called faith, my friend.  Mature, veteran faith.

God has never failed you, me, or anyone else when they rested on those two things.

God does not fail.  God never, ever fails to deliver the goods to those who leave means and timing in His hands, and who resolutely choose to believe.


And thayat’s all I got ta say ’bout thayat!

© D. Dean Boone, August 2014






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