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Quiet Time Musings for 7/9/14: OH, YES, YOU CAN

Posted by on July 9, 2014

“I don’t see how that’s ever going to happen.”

“No way!”

“Hunh-UH!  That’s IMPOSSIBLE.”

Coffee - Duck Dynasty3The angel said it to Mary.  “With God nothing is impossible.”

“Get serious.  Nothing?

Remember, the one saying that is a spirit-being who spends time around God, watching Him work on a regular basis.  I’m just telling you what he said, and his testimony derives from being around God all the time.

He’s used to it.  You and I are the ones having faith issues.

So, yeah.  I am serious.  Nothing – NOTHING is impossible with God.

Seems to me, then, that it’s pretty much up to you.  Jesus Himself said for the one who chooses to believe, all things are possible. (Mark 9:23)

So let me ask you:  what are you refusing to believe that’s limiting your ability to keep growing?

© D. Dean Boone, July 2014

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