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Posted by on May 22, 2014

Do something every day to strengthen your body, mind and spirit.

Every day.

“Do you?”

Coffee - A new startI do.  It’s rarely the exact same thing, except my exercise regimen.  With that I am fairly precise.  12 reps of 7 exercises with 10-lb. weights meant to keep shoulders and arms limber and strong.  50 stomach crunches.  As many pushups as I can tolerate.  Same with weighted leg bends.

Your mind?  Read.  “Oh, I can’t—-”  With respect, yes, you can.  The real issue is whether you will.  It’s never  a matter of ‘can’t’.  It’s always ‘won’t’.  And the only one who suffers if you won’t read is you.

When you talk, you’re only going over what you already know, or think you know.  When you read after and listen to others, the door is opened for you to learn new things.  Weigh new attitudes.  Consider new ideas.

There are legitimate challenges for some in reading.  Challenges are there to be met and overcome.  There are many resources available allowing you to listen in addition to reading.  That’s a good alternative to reading, yet I don’t recommend it as a substitute.  The trend seems to be, with the onset of smart phone technology, electronic tablets, and laptops, that we’re pressured to be listening to earbuds while texting while surfing online.

Reading stops that foolishness.  I know they call it multitasking.  I suggest naming it what it really is – an undisciplined mind and spirit flitting from this fun thing to that interesting tidbit to, “Oh, that’s _____ from college!  Gotta answer this…”

Question:  would you long remain interested in a one-on-one conversation with someone constantly looking over your shoulder at others?  Every few seconds scanning the crowd around the two of you for someone else they know?

We both know the answer to that.  I have a hard time believing someone wants to be with me when they’re so easily distracted by someone–maybe anyone–else.  I suspect you’re the same way.  This isn’t a scolding.  It’s an observation by someone who watches people a lot.  The fact that everybody’s doing means precisely zip, and only point to a great need to stop it.

It’s why I suggest reading books, either actual or virtual on a Nook or Kindle or one of its kin.  I also suggest keeping a bound tablet and a pen close, too.  BTW, I suggest if you use a tablet for reading, do NOT fill it up with games, Facebook and scads of ‘Net resources.  It’s way too tempting to do the, “Oh, let me just—”

Butterflies are beautiful but they don’t stay in one place long.  Being a mental butterfly is not, I think, a compliment.

If I approached keeping what’s left of my body fit as you do staying on task by feeding your mind The Good Stuff as you read, how would your written notes read?

That, friend, is why I recommend real-deal books.  They do one thing remarkably well:  they tell you things, offer you ideas, involve you in stories, engage your imagination and encourage you to think.

Speaking of The Good Stuff, spend time each day feeding your spirit.  I suggest making time to do that in the morning, even if you have to get up a little sooner.  For those disinclined to appreciate an early sunrise I have irritating news.

That happens about the same time every morning.  Since it’s going to happen with or without your blessing, why not decide to make use of it to build up your own inner peace and purpose?

As a Biblical Christian, I’ve found myriad resources in addition to the Bible itself to keep me indefinitely reading, listening and applying.  I certainly recommend The Bible in its various translations as a means of enriching your spirit.  Additionally, since God has to do with all of life, it follows that all truth is ultimately His.  Therefore, reading the collective deep truths of spiritual thinkers across the millennia only enlarges my ability to absorb God’s truth–no matter who transmits it to me, or through whose thoughtful writings He chooses to send them.

Remember–we’re working our way through 28 ways to absolutely nail TREMENDOUS in our lives.  This one needed to be toward the front of the line because one of the basic truths of all time is this:

The largest, most significant thing about who and what you’ll become is the books you read and the people with whom you associate.

Show me what you routinely read and who you usually hang with.  I’ll then make the decision whether you’re someone I wish to use as an example to follow or a warning to avoid.

Too strong?

Wait ’til you see #4. . .

© D. Dean Boone, May 2014

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