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Posted by on January 3, 2014
You’ve heard the Creation story and the “no-belly-button” jokes                                                                    
And those Old Testament stories?  Those are for ‘simple’ folks
Who go on and on about Abram, the patriarchs and prophets of old
The parting of the sea, Elijah on the mountain and Joseph getting sold
And that “miraculous” New Testament stuff with even the dead living again
All that does is strain credibility and raises more questions in the end
Come on, man, let’s get real–don’t you find all that just a little odd?
No.  I don’t.  Because you see, my friend, NOTHING’S impossible with God.
Okay–that was then, this is now and I don’t want to be alarming
But people now are street-wise even though their smiles can be disarming
Folks now ask more questions since they’re looking for realistic value
They’re not impressed with a sales approach loudly trying to corral you
Truth?  They’re sneering and jeering at things I’ve long believed
There’s no appreciation or honor towards the sacred lessons I’ve received
In fact, things most precious to my heart they’re trying hard to get outlawed
Sure, it’s disturbing, but you might as well face it:  NOTHING’s impossible with God.
It may look like they’re getting their way; from this end it feels eerie
They replace millenia of faithful teaching with some other – any other – theory
Substituting this or that popular thought for anything we have to say
Laughing at ideas of black and white, preferring infinite shades of gray
It can seem convincing and the way they speak is often intimidating
You can feel alone, faced with the wall of doubt they’re creating
It’s enough to make even weak believers cave and give their theories the nod
Until you stop to remember, friend:  NOTHING is impossible with God.
See, God doesn’t need a great big crowd or even an eloquent preacher
For Mary, all it took was one angel for God’s sovereign plan to reach her
And to make what He was doing in our world to publicly be known
Why, it had EV’RYbody rattling and tattling and yelling, “HOLD THE PHONE!”
So remember her lesson and that she never let all this get her
Even though it seems the Straight and Narrow’s been switched for something better
And you feel all alone since it looks like all prefer the Winding and Broad
Hey–keep your head up and just keep watching because NOTHING’s impossible with God.

© D. Dean Boone, December 2013

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