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Posted by on December 23, 2013


  Hey, gang – We’ve all been creatively shopping and wrapping.  Smart, thoughtful givers long since realized that trying to rent kids and grandkids with $400 X Boxes and i-this and that is a fool’s errand.  First, no one can afford what such shallowness will eventually cost both you and them.  Next, the way to address the unknown facing us on 1/1/14 is not to feverishly scurry about madly spending yet more.

Coffee - Christmas colors

We, like you, find ourselves financially challenged.   We forget how it was back there when we had little but loved much.  We got creative and made things for one another – things some of which we still cherish, if they’ve survived Time, who-knows-how-many-moves and that dresser drawer.  There’s a reason, every once in awhile, you go there, take those things out one by one, and remember who, what, when, where and why.  Those were blessed times.

It’s easy to overlook just how truly blessed we all are.  Consider this, then, a reminder for you and I both that although loud voices try to remove Christ from Christmas, that, too is a fool’s errand.  All they do is remove themselves from the blessings surrounding it and Him.  He’s still at the center of the Universe that He created.  And no matter how things and people may seem, He’s still as close as your prayer; He’s still listening every time you sing a carol that mentions Him to someone else.

Be encouraged.  Somebody’s praying for you.  Somebody cares, and God will come through.  Prepare yourself for some gifts this Christmas you may never have expected.  I know you’ve seen this before.  Time to see and experience it again.


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Seasons - Christmas - Old wheels


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