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Monthly Archives: August 2013


Good morning.  Pour yourself some of this Guatemalan Estate medium roast.  I try to mix the style of these visits but this one felt especially intense.  Yesterday and today I got up asking God for His guidance about this week’s visit together.  Both days, here is what laid on my spirit. Aaron, Moses’s brother, was … Continue reading »

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Sometimes What You’re Hunting Isn’t What You Catch

Three friends were on a hunting trip and got lost in the Canadian woods.  As you’d expect the inevitable happened.  The intrepid trio – a psychiatrist, an electrical engineer and a thoracic surgeon – only took three hours to be totally lost. Stumbling on a trapper’s cabin but getting no response at the door, they … Continue reading »

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. . . . WHERE FAITH KICKS IN – Granger

 “Dear Granger, “I’m getting tired of bravely singing, ‘This Little Light of Mine’.  Why’s mine the only light I’m seeing?  I guess I expect a little darkness now and then but when did believing in God start meaning you have to move way up north of the Arctic Circle? “Regarding the whole faith thing, here’s … Continue reading »

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Stress.  It’s about as useful as a harmonica on a leopard hunt. I haven’t met anybody who’ll admit they like it.  Sustained and untended stress can kill. I know. And those bazillion or so cute little sayings for which Facebook’s famous really get tedious.  There are occasionally some good, memorable ones.  Trouble is, you must … Continue reading »

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Ingredients: 1 part of knowing who you are 1 part of knowing whom you aren’t 1 part of knowing what you want 1 part of knowing who and what you wish to be 1 part of knowing what you already have before you 1 part of accepting and being thankful for ALL you have, bad … Continue reading »

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I’d been trying to put a half-nelson on these evasive thoughts for days.  This was day 3. Huh.  Isn’t there something in the Bible about the whole three-day thing?  Thus far I’d managed to enjoy several pots of great coffee and chase mental squirrels.  It’s a frustrating process for an organized type to be ganged … Continue reading »

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I don’t believe in it and I don’t recommend it.  ‘Normal’ is a lame way to think.  It presupposes there’s a baseline, a zeroed-out way of living that demands nothing, promotes nothing and accomplishes little.  Worse yet, it gives false but convenient excuses for the lazy to become amazingly proficient at sloth. ‘Normal’ gives the … Continue reading »

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