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Monthly Archives: June 2013


If I had the ability to write something each day that would encourage you, what would it be? What would help you most?  Devotional thoughts?  Inspirational tidbits designed to kick negative Narfs to the curb? Little power minutes several times each day?  Is your personality such that a few minutes each morning will flip your … Continue reading »

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“Sweetness And Light?” Gimme a Break! – A Granger Story

“You there?” One of those questions.   I’d just answered the phone.  I showed restraint. “I am.” “Be there in a sec.”  Silly to respond, since Dickerson had already clicked off.  I leaned back in my chair, enjoying a sip of fresh-brewed Sumatra.  Since nutrition – any nutrition – is important to me I occasionally … Continue reading »

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It sat there, staring balefully at me.  Not rude, exactly.  Just forceful.  Blunt. Oh, I don’t know when it actually arrived in my inbox.  I just know it’s one of the first things to hit my eye because it came from somebody I know isn’t trivial with life.  It was something I knew I needed … Continue reading »

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“DID YOU MEAN THAT?” – A Granger Story

I didn’t recognize the voice.  The caller ID was blocked.  No return number. “You there?” I said I was. “You know, that ‘Write Me Your Heart’ stuff?  You mean that?” I said I do.  Normally I am impatient with callers who don’t identify themselves.  I showed remarkable restraint this time. “No slam intended, but sometimes … Continue reading »

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I sat leaning back in my office chair, musing over the rough-and-tumble of thoughts that was trampling through my mind.  Reclining like that I could see up through the window.  A flight of three egrets were subbing for self-satisfied geese who’d decided wintering here was energy-efficient.  They also create jobs for sidewalk and roadway cleaners. … Continue reading »

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I’ve Lost My Dad And Can’t Seem To Find Him

He was chuckling as he read from his inbox the latest “Top 10 Things You’ll Never Hear A Dad Say” . . .  Number 8:  “I’ve noticed all your friends have a certain hostile ‘You-owe-me’ attitude.  Y’know, I like that.” His ears sharpened as he heard commotion in the hallway outside his office door.  Hmm. … Continue reading »

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Coffee’s Still Warm . . .

From quiet time freewriting:   While it’s true God is not mocked, it’s more true God is not conned. Nobody pulls that off. No smooth, polished, mask-wearing churchman. No calloused, cynical crime figure. No slick, articulate atheist or couldn’t-care-less agnostic. No lip-service, manipulative political type. Lucifer himself–once The Cherub Who Covers and closer to God … Continue reading »

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“Doesn’t life ever get tired of being sucky?  Of throwing curves or changeups every time you step into the box?  Is anything ever what it seems?  Is anyone ever who they seem to be?” He sighed.  Normally ideas and creative notions did a kind of auto-sort after awhile, arranging themselves into a general sense of … Continue reading »

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