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The Punch of Your Praying

Posted by on May 26, 2013

It’s easy to feel like caving.

Military - Praying man

Look around.  Listen.  Have you ever seen things in such disarray?  Ever seen people so haunted by hopelessness?  Our nation’s in the direst straits it’s ever experienced!  We’ve got a president and much of the congressional leadership who seem hellishly intent on driving the America God’s so blessed into oblivion.  And they don’t include Resurrection in their plans.

The veterans I talk to and read after are baffled by it all.  The finest-trained military on the planet is being systematically misused by civilian leaders who hold our military services in contempt.  The wrong people are in control.

So–on Memorial Day of all days, what do we do to turn this stampede around?

“Pray.  And keep praying.  Bathe everything and everyone in sturdy, believing prayer.”

“Pray???  That’s your master plan?”

No.  That’s The Master’s plan.  You can find plenty of Biblical references, but the following short movie will get you started.

You may not be able to reach your loved ones.

God can.

You may be unable to make a difference in a particular issue of your life.

God isn’t.  He’s more than able.  And I think you know that.

People seeing apparent hopelessness have turned to God in believing prayer and God has come through again and again–and in ways nobody could have anticipated.

Pray.  And keep praying.

Prayer is powerful. Click here for a reminder about the importance of prayer.

I love you and I believe in you.


© May 2013

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