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Could You Use A Little COURAGE?

Posted by on March 1, 2013


Hi, gangSome days there seems to be a theme in the things you read, almost as if your mind and heart are being escorted by the Spirit down a particular gallery of thought.

You’ve found yourself pinned by tough circumstances, life experiences that seem to have a submission hold on your soul.  We all share that.  It’s rough and can easily morph into raw defeat.

It’s not the experiences that whip us; it’s our willingness to let them do it.  This is an encouraging word from out here at home on the range:  you don’t have to let any hard time or tough circumstance keep you down.  It doesn’t matter what’s happened, or how often.  The answers lie within you, and the starting point is where your attitudes gather.

It takes courage to take an honest look at oneself, recognize where changes need to be made, and be bold enough to get up again and get at it.  It really is up to you.

B J Gallagher writes primarily for women but her prose and poetry are universal in application.  See what you think of this brand new little movie from Simple Truths.  – Dan

How Do You Spell COURAGE?

by BJ Gallagher

CREATE a brave new world for yourself
OPEN your mouth and speak your truth
UNMASK bullies and cowards
REPEL fear
ACKNOWLEDGE your own inner strength
GET into action
EMBRACE faith as your source
Are you in need of a bit of courage today? Do you know someone who is? Watch this short 3-minute movie and feel the strength of courage from women all over the world. Make sure to share this inspiration with all the courageous women you know.“Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless.” – Mother Teresa.

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