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Monthly Archives: February 2013

i know His touch

Good morning, gang Come on in and toss your foul-weather stuff on the couch.  I’ve a pot of freshly ground medium roast that ought to perk you up.   “Do you really think anything divine is happening when you pray?” The question interrupted some quiet time.   It made me pause and think before answering.  Were the … Continue reading »

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Good morning, gang. I’ve some freshly-brewed, piping-hot Cuban dark roast you’re gonna love.  Rinse out your cup over there, and I’ll pour some for ya. . . .   “I’m not done.  Death doesn’t get me that easy.  I’m not going down without a fight and the fight’s not even close to being over yet.”  … Continue reading »

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The First Thing Each Morning

Happy Valentine’s Day, gang.  I just got this in this morning’s email and felt it worth passing on. — Dan   First Thing Every Morning If you had a bank that credited your account each morning with $86,400—with no balance carried from day to day—what would you do? Well, you do have such a bank…time. … Continue reading »

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LOVE? WHAT’S THAT ABOUT? from 2/11/2007

Hi, gang- I originally came across this great little story in August of 2007.  In composing and posting today’s 2nd Cup, I was reminded of it several times.  That usually means a few of you need its insights again.  I probably do, too. I want to share it and some time-modified comments with you as … Continue reading »

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HAVE YOURSELF A HEARTY LITTLE— NO, WAIT . . .   ‘Mornin’, gang.  Brisk morning spent sweeping & shoveling white stuff, ay?  Yeah, me, too.  Toss your boots & coat over there and get some warmth going while I pour you some Caribou Coffee Medium Roast. TOP TEN PICKUP LINES USED BY ADAM 10. “You … Continue reading »

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Good morning, gang- Come on in!  Toss your coat and gloves on the chair and rinse out your cup; I have a special treat this morning, since it’s hovering just above freezing.  I made us a special brew in my French press.  Mm-MMM.  Here–let me pour . . .   Even looks good, doesn’t it?  I … Continue reading »

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Valentine’s Day Reflected In Puddles – A Granger Story

Hi, gang I’ve been tossing the Valentine’s Day theme around in my mind. . . . As they walked along together, Granger folded the newspaper and stuck it under his left arm. “Penny for your thoughts.” “If they made coins that small, you’d probably get change back.” Hmm.  His friend was usually thoughtful, sometimes even … Continue reading »

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