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100-Word Stroll for 8/17/16: I DON’T WANT TO “TIRED” TODAY

I’m tired of tireding.  I don’t like it and would just as soon move beyond it and never again need to deal with it. I’d love to start a day out full of energy from the night’s sleep like everybody else.  Unless God steps in – again – that will never happen again in this life.  … Continue reading »

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\\\\\ HERE’S WHAT A CA-125 TEST IS /////

It’s not one of those weird California tests that evaluates whether you’re capable of driving 125 mph on the 405. CA-125 is a blood test every woman needs to know about.  One of you sent this, thinking the information needs to be much better known.  I agree.  I’m passing this on without comment or edition, … Continue reading »

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