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A Granger Story – 2nd Cup of Coffee, 11/3/18: THE GRANGER EFFECT ~ Ch. 2

2 I sat sipping some great Ruta Maya medium roast and reflecting on the call I just got from Sparks. Reporters in my experience are pretty much the same: one of two kinds.  Either they’re basically lazy and spend most of their time copying others’ work while adding their byline, or they’re part of a vanishing … Continue reading »

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Evangelists used them all the time. Oh–no-no-no.  Not cheap emotional appeals that tugged at your guilt like a 7-year-old in Toys-R-Us.  And not those foufy hairdos – what’d they call ’em? What?  Pompadour.  That’s it.  No, I don’t mean that, either.  Although I always wondered why so many traveling evangelists hammered Elvis and then tried … Continue reading »

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