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Tagged With: resurrection

QTMs, 2/21/17: YEAH, I DID, TOO.

One of the few things a religious zealot accomplishes is to reassure those he’s trying to convince that they want nothing to do with him or whatever model of Jesus he’s peddling. We are moving into the Lenten season, the lead-up to Easter Sunday.  I know you know that.  Easter bunnies, dancing eggs and fake grass is … Continue reading »

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100-Word Stroll, 10/19/16: TIME-SHARE TOMBS & LED GRAVESTONES

“You just had to go there?  The whole Halloween shtick?” I’m a writer.  I find inspiration in just about everything.  I’m ghoul that way. “Ho-kay.  What’s bubbling over in your mind this time?” Why, thank you for asking.  Why, um–why did Isaiah stipulate a borrowed tomb (53:9)?  All four gospels affirm it.  Matthew says Joe of … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 3/28/16: “JUST SAYIN’.”

He’s still on duty. The angel?  Tomb with “Vacancy” lit?  Yeah, the angel, he’s still there.  Well, one of them is.  It’s permanent duty, so they rotate. You like historical markers, right?  Well, there’s one about 8 yards over to the right of the Tomb, brown sign, white posts and lettering.  Official.  It reads: All four gospel … Continue reading »

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When Jesus said, “It is finished” He did not mean it’s all over. When God’s involved, it’s NEVER over!  EVER!  Where’d we ever get the notion that when Jesus could barely grit his teeth and get enough breath to utter, “It is finished”, it somehow automatically translates to LOSER? No matter what’s happened in this life, … Continue reading »

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2016 Holy Week QTMs – Wednesday: DOING SOME TRIMMING

We’re not a bunch of hermits living in solitary caves with nothing to do but contemplate deep stuff.  Even pastors and theologians are right now being smutched between breakfast and gassing up the car on the way to drop off a son to school or grandchild to daycare prior to a meeting for— Right?  We … Continue reading »

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