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2nd Cup of Coffee, 9/10/18: COFFEEOLOGY – STAY GROUNDED

Riding the breeze, the slip of paper whisked within inches of Granger’s nose, causing him to flinch. I know what you’re thinking.  “Bet he slopped a little of his coffee, too, huh?”  You think you’re so-o-o smart… He frowned as he stooped to pick it up, then smiled at himself, huffing through his nose as he … Continue reading »

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Don’t say it at all.  I’m grieved at the rude, disrespectful manner of interpersonal contact that’s become commonplace on social media, specifically on Facebook. Its very name connotes familiarity and thoughtful reflection.  ‘Face’ and ‘book’ each draw a mental picture.  ‘Face’ brings a smile and faraway look as one remembers an easy, relaxed visit over coffee while … Continue reading »

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