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Tagged With: following the crowd

500-Word Stroll, 10/6/16: BETTER THINK AGAIN

You who’ve bandwagoned, refusing to honor our National Anthem, need to   consider the inevitable consequences of your words and actions.  They don’t occur in a vacuum.  Eventually, you’ll face what they’re going to cost you. You already are. This morning in Los Angeles, another lawman doing his job is dead, having been shot in the face during a … Continue reading »

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100-Word Stroll for 9/9/16: DRIFT WOULD

“You!  I demand you immediately forsake everything you believe!”  That wouldn’t work. But drift would.  It always does. Ed had sheep.  I’d never been around them and was curious, so I watched them, moseying, grazing all in a group.  One whom I’ll call Ewevonne jerked her head up, staring at Nothing.  For miles, lots of Nothing.  … Continue reading »

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