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2nd Cup of Coffee, 4/12/18: IF THE GLOVE FITS

I was tired to begin with, so when I got Mom’s call I wasn’t very gracious. “You want to what?  Today?”  She’d been putting off going through my step-dad’s stuff, and I guess I’d gotten used to her kicking that particular cannister down the road. “I know, honey.  It’s just that I’ve been delaying this … Continue reading »

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2nd Cup for 10/10/17: MAN UP! SOMEBODY’S PRAYING FOR YOU

You can do more after you’ve prayed, but you won’t get much that’s worth anything done until you’ve prayed. I am praying for my sons, grandson and great-grandson today.  My legacy to each of you:  to faithfully pray for those who look to your spiritual leadership.  I don’t expect perfection from you because I haven’t been able … Continue reading »

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2nd Cup, 5/31/17: LITTLE BOY LOST

“One of the best feelings is knowing that you’re wanted . . .” That’s how the meme began.  The rest of it was thoughtful and tastefully stated, but that first phrase stopped me.  I kept rereading it. Little Boy Lost From his babyness and boyhood His toddling, impressionable toyhood It seemed no one he loved … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 1/19/16: Kitty Jane and Joel Clyde

My mother’s parents.  Those were their names.  Kitty Jane Kingsland and Joel Clyde Wise. Grandpa Wise was a big, strong man with a mercurial temper and a wide mean streak, an old railroader from a hard-drinking family, all of whom were incredibly gifted with making music.  Much of our family’s musical acumen came through his genetic offering.  With his sons … Continue reading »

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