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I sat quiet on the mossy marled bluff overlooking Grassy Lake, sipping strong, hot pinon coffee from the thermos I’d brought with me and concentrating on my breathing.  I listened to the breeze whispering to me of my friend.  I thought again of the odd thing he’d said as we spoke by phone just an hour or so before … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 4/12/16: SONGS IN THE NIGHT

It could’ve been me. It could have been my wife, worn down in every way by the constant drain of caring for a disabled husband dying a slow, inexorable death, responding to a writer-friend’s post, saying, “He’s dead.”  It could be her, now dealing with the ebb and flow of feelings she’s unsure whether she ought to … Continue reading »

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2016 Holy Week QTMs – Wednesday: DOING SOME TRIMMING

We’re not a bunch of hermits living in solitary caves with nothing to do but contemplate deep stuff.  Even pastors and theologians are right now being smutched between breakfast and gassing up the car on the way to drop off a son to school or grandchild to daycare prior to a meeting for— Right?  We … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 11/19/15: . . . BECAUSE I DID.

I wondered. Is this it?  Am I done here? Do I die largely unknown in a soiled and checkered little town whose past glories could not cover up its present sordidness?  Does the earthly part of what’s left of me lie in dank oblivion in the boot hill of a tiny, easily forgettable place too mean to die, … Continue reading »

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