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100-Word Stroll, 11/21/16: INSIDE THE WRAPPER

My racing thoughts came to a tire-smoking NASCAR stop.  I backed up and read it again.  It read the same way. The cup itself adds no quality to the coffee. I thunk thoughts. Bad coffee doesn’t become good by using nicer cups.  Washed, polished crystal can’t transform mediocre coffee. Anyone with some pride tries to … Continue reading »

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100-Word Stroll for 8/13/16: LIFE’S ALWAYS AHEAD OF YOU

Your life isn’t behind you, your memories are.  Your life is ALWAYS right in front of you.  Today is a new day.  What are you doing with it? From an Acura ad:  “There are 15 weekends this summer:  make them count.”  Most of them are already memories. You can’t alter the past, whatever it is.  … Continue reading »

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Making a mess is a lot quicker than cleaning it up, and many show up for the former who vanish for the latter. As the sun rises over us all on Tuesday, November 9th, we’ll have the task of learning to be civil to one another again and get to work cleaning up The Mess. … Continue reading »

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I think I’ve figured it out. Christians – derisively called Those Conservatives or The Far Right by those of the port-turning persuasion – habitually pray and tell God, “I’m sorry” more because they’re trying to please Him. Nominal, professional or non-Christians think that’s cute, that actual Christians are mentally weak, and never tell God anything – let … Continue reading »

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 Albert Einstein was an immortal of science that made noteworthy changes and contributions in the 20th century. He was an inspiration for the remarkable scientists subsequent to him for his brilliant discoveries. Einstein was prominent for his works in theoretical physics, a great philosopher of science for his simplicity, and an author of several books. … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 9/18/15: A Sense Not So Common

According to Solomon, Proverbs was written . . . “To teach the inexperienced the ropes and give our young people a grasp on reality….” because “God gives out Wisdom free, is plainspoken in Knowledge and Understanding.  He’s a rich mine of Common Sense….”  (1:4-6; 2:6-8) He said his dad, King David, would sit him down, … Continue reading »

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