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BUREAUCRACY IN ACTION Start with a cage containing five apes. In the cage, hang a banana on a string and put stairs under it. Before long, an ape will go to the stairs and start to climb toward the Banana. As soon as he touches the stairs, spray all of the apes with cold water. … Continue reading »

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2nd Cup Saturdays for 3/3/18: THIS IS NOT THE ME YOU’RE LOOKING FOR

The little story opens with a boy who has such a crush on a girl he follows her everywhere.  She can’t go anywhere without him tagging along like a hopeful stray pup. Finally, after weeks of this, she stops, turns, and asks, “Why do you keep following me like this?” His answer is artless and to … Continue reading »

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Granger – QTMs for 2/8/18: “SOMEBODY NEEDS WHAT YOU HAVE.”

Armando stopped wiping the tabletop with his right hand. He’d just gathered and stacked dishes, cups and flatware in his left hand, going through motions he’d practiced from long experience in cleaning up after others had eaten.  Gather and lift with left hand, wipe the table with the right, set the dishes in the bussing tray, straighten … Continue reading »

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The SUMMER OF My DISSONANCE – A Granger Story – Chapter 4

He stood comfortably in the predawn quietness and drew the darkness around himself like one of those impossibly-thick hotel robes.  I don’t think I even moved; I mean, I was a-sleep!  To say this was his favorite time of day would understate its place in his life.  Normally, he turned on a lamp or something … Continue reading »

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A Granger Story – 11/28/17: THERE’S JUST SOMETHING ABOUT THAT GUY . . .

The November wind blustered and fretted outside the cozy diner’s windows.  That early in the morning, I was the lone patron. I was enjoying my first cup of Jimmie’s great coffee as I gathered my thoughts and began to write.  Trixie was keeping my cup full with her usual attention to detail that made her one … Continue reading »

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Humility walks in the door when what you think you know chases down how much you don’t, and forces you to listen. The boy’s name could’ve been Dawdle; that’s what he loved to do.  Rocks, sticks, stray dogs, a Frisbee somebody left in the street.  Anything could grab his interest and make him late coming home … Continue reading »

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2nd Cup from THE DAILY CHAMPION, 30 September 2017

Be Gallant PROVERBS 30:12 Don’t imagine yourself to be quite presentable when you haven’t had a bath in weeks. PRINCIPLE Don’t be haughty and arrogant in your self-estimation. Be Gallant  A FivestarMan is gallant. To be gallant means to be fashionably groomed and appropriate for every occasion. That means that we are to be presentable. … Continue reading »

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Stubborn anything is rarely good, and settling for “good enough” isn’t much better. I sat in SportClips, being trimmed up by a new stylist.  In a daily environment inundated with data and information, I’m comfortable with silence.  Hairdressers are not. “That’s great cologne.”  Possible responses:  “That’s blatantly sexist”, currently popular, if vapid.  “Thanks, but I’m … Continue reading »

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An Exerpt From TIME TRIALS – 9/2/17

Ever notice the false promises given to terminal patients? No one intends for them to be, but they are. They’re offered with professional smiles, in counterfeit light-hearted bravado by people wearing Happy Face masks.  They know their promise is hollow.  That agreement will never be honored.  After all, the patient is dying. I’m dying.  All of … Continue reading »

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100-Word Stroll for 8/28/17: #1 WAY TO REPLACE YOURSELF

Thinking before speaking is always a good idea. The village blacksmith hired an enthusiastic new apprentice willing to work long, hard hours. He instructed the boy, “When I take the horseshoe out of the fire, I’ll lay it on the anvil. When I nod my head, you hit it with the hammer.” The apprentice did … Continue reading »

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