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Monthly Archives: September 2017

2nd Cup from THE DAILY CHAMPION, 30 September 2017

Be Gallant PROVERBS 30:12 Don’t imagine yourself to be quite presentable when you haven’t had a bath in weeks. PRINCIPLE Don’t be haughty and arrogant in your self-estimation. Be Gallant  A FivestarMan is gallant. To be gallant means to be fashionably groomed and appropriate for every occasion. That means that we are to be presentable. … Continue reading »

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200-Word Stroll for 9/29/17: STEALING Your STEEL

Dutch Sheets once said, “A lack of endurance is one of the greatest causes of defeat, especially in prayer. We don’t wait well. We’re into microwaving; God, on the other hand, is usually into marinating.” Exactly. Wait ten minutes before reading on. No.  Do it.  Invest 10 precious minutes of your life.  Pray.  Think.  Ponder.  Love.  Dream.  Most … Continue reading »

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“It is what it isn’t.” When your spirit speaks up in a matter-of-fact, no-nonsense tone reminiscent of your mom?  You know–Motherus Prime?  You listen.  Closely. To listen means to shut it.  I did.  Then I repeated it back. “It is what it isn’t?”  My spirit’s nod and baleful stare reminded me of a high school typing … Continue reading »

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The wiser you get, the less you speak. I read it, then reread it. Words borne on emotion’s shoulders dart quickly.  Yet because they are reactive, their effects linger in one’s mind and heart long after the words themselves are gone. Bryant McGill wrote, “One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening … Continue reading »

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It’s a bad idea to assume because you don’t see Him that God’s not paying attention. Jeremiah 1:12 – “I am watching to see that My word is fulfilled.”  Twice, He asks Jeremiah, “So, what do you see?” and waits for Jer’s response before proceeding.  From the passage it seems clear that God holds me accountable … Continue reading »

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Stubborn anything is rarely good, and settling for “good enough” isn’t much better. I sat in SportClips, being trimmed up by a new stylist.  In a daily environment inundated with data and information, I’m comfortable with silence.  Hairdressers are not. “That’s great cologne.”  Possible responses:  “That’s blatantly sexist”, currently popular, if vapid.  “Thanks, but I’m … Continue reading »

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200-Word Stroll for 9/7/17: THE #1 THING ABOUT BEING A SILLY GOOSE

If I could walk while drinking my 2nd cup, it would be the best of both worlds.  Yes, I know about sippy cups and travel mugs.  I swing my arms naturally, hands free, while I walk. Walking in the morning is healthy.  It helps clear my head offers 45-50 minutes of good exercise lets me interact … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 9/4/17: “WHERE DREAMS ARE BORN . . .”

“Come with me to where dreams are born, and time is never planned.” ~~~ Peter Pan   Oh!  In other words, retirement.  😎  Nope.  Not being funny at all.  Mere lack of money is no reason to stop dreaming.  Do an online search relative to how many people have made amazing, lasting impacts on their world … Continue reading »

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An Exerpt From TIME TRIALS – 9/2/17

Ever notice the false promises given to terminal patients? No one intends for them to be, but they are. They’re offered with professional smiles, in counterfeit light-hearted bravado by people wearing Happy Face masks.  They know their promise is hollow.  That agreement will never be honored.  After all, the patient is dying. I’m dying.  All of … Continue reading »

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