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Monthly Archives: March 2016


They looked around, wondering where Danny was.  Again.  Like his namesake, he could be depended upon to get bored with social settings and being proper. Whatever there was close by to explore was always the first place to look.  They’d learned, too, that he may take off without food, but he never went ” ‘splorin’ ” without a … Continue reading »

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Q(uiet) T(ime) M(usings) for3/30/16: You Don’t GOTTA Do NOTHIN’.

You’re wise when you take time to reflect on recent experiences.  Virtually any posture or position works when reflecting.  Well, as long as you have coffee.  You must coffee. ” ‘Scuse me!  Hul-LUH-oh?  Anybody in there?” “Please.  Sh-h-h.  I’m reflecting.” “You’re what?  You’re reflec—” “Ah-ah?  Please.  Sh.” You’re thinking this is about reflection.  You’re right.  I think … Continue reading »

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Under that heading, a list of 30 things appeared on Facebook. Guess which one was first?  I gave some thought to an answer. 1. FIVE PROBLEMS WITH SOCIAL MEDIA • There is too much of it. One or two, perhaps a handful of sources are fun; yet when Google relates how to use the top 52 … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 3/28/16: “JUST SAYIN’.”

He’s still on duty. The angel?  Tomb with “Vacancy” lit?  Yeah, the angel, he’s still there.  Well, one of them is.  It’s permanent duty, so they rotate. You like historical markers, right?  Well, there’s one about 8 yards over to the right of the Tomb, brown sign, white posts and lettering.  Official.  It reads: All four gospel … Continue reading »

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When Jesus said, “It is finished” He did not mean it’s all over. When God’s involved, it’s NEVER over!  EVER!  Where’d we ever get the notion that when Jesus could barely grit his teeth and get enough breath to utter, “It is finished”, it somehow automatically translates to LOSER? No matter what’s happened in this life, … Continue reading »

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We all secretly agree:  “I’d never be as shallow and vapid as those other Twelve.” Of course we never say it.  “Who, me?  Oh, my, no!  No way–I’m no different than the disciples.”  Wide-eyed.  Hand in the air.  Leaking humility from every other pore. Let’s be real.  How do you suppose the Twelve Lads got started down … Continue reading »

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2016 Holy Week QTMs – Wednesday: DOING SOME TRIMMING

We’re not a bunch of hermits living in solitary caves with nothing to do but contemplate deep stuff.  Even pastors and theologians are right now being smutched between breakfast and gassing up the car on the way to drop off a son to school or grandchild to daycare prior to a meeting for— Right?  We … Continue reading »

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I resist using this venue for mere political use; there is plenty of that available elsewhere.  I’m making an exception here because of the now-all-too-familiar sites and sights blaring across news sources, following this morning’s disgusting litany of gory details of innocent flesh being blown into gooey paste in Brussels, Belgium. A trusted friend and … Continue reading »

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2016 Holy Week QTMs: MONDAY. . .

Looking on at the hubbub surrounding what became Palm Sunday is instructive. People in the crowd:  “YAY!  HE’s going to fix this mess!  No more Rome; no more Rome…!” Disciples:  “Okay, this is more like it, although I still think riding into town on Thunderbuns would’ve looked more studly.  17 hands, so white he glistens, … Continue reading »

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If you are losing a tug-of-war with a tiger, give him the rope before he gets to your arm. You can always buy a new rope. In the words of my musical friends, this don’t need no amp.  The truth herein should be loud enough. There are, however, those smitten with PRIDE who stubbornly would … Continue reading »

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