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Monthly Archives: January 2016

QTMs for 1/28/16: Hey, Everybody–WHAT IF THE BIBLE’S RIGHT?

I thought, “Nah.  That’s just some creative soul taking liberties and making it sound as if. . .”  Writers do that.  Right?  Take a basic idea and put flesh and bones on the skeleton and give it a life? Sure.  We do that all the time.  Good writers draw you away into an alternate reality, a … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 1/25/16: WHY NOT TAKE ALL OF ME?

They weren’t asking him because they wanted to be informed. An expert has been defined as ” ‘ex’ means ‘has been’, and ‘spurt’ is a big drip under pressure”.  I’d have included a Sarcasm Alert, but that definition is a little too close to the truth to laugh off. Don’t you love ‘experts’ who only converse within … Continue reading »

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I’m thankful for the Bible.  In it I find sustenance, empowerment, wisdom and the energy to be strong in Christ.  That’s important to me right now.  In these weeks running up to the Iowa caucusing, if I didn’t know better I’d wonder if every candidate out there isn’t somehow shifting his or her feet, fingers … Continue reading »

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THE SUMMER of MY DISSONANCE – A Granger Story – Ch. 2

2 It was a pleasant afternoon.   The light filtering down through the pine fronds had begun to soften like the fraying edge of a favorite old blanket.  I brought everything in, moved my aging and faithful Blazer around back and secured it.  Suddenly feeling hungry, I came back inside to fix some dinner. The cabin’s owner … Continue reading »

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His name is Jimmy LaCroix.  From Louisiana, he was an enlisted troop in radar operations at Malmstrom AFB, Montana when I knew him.  We served for a few months together in the 4642nd Air Defense Squadron before each heading off to whichever isolated remote duty sites the USAF chose for us. Jimmy made a career of … Continue reading »

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Yes. It would be easy to give in to despair if all we do is look around us.  Lying is normal, even expected.  So is cheating and graft.  Keeping one’s word?  Work ethic?  Personal responsibility?  Loyalty?  Don’t make me laugh.  Nothing’s sacred any more.  Everything and everybody is for sale. Not long ago I invited … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 1/19/16: Kitty Jane and Joel Clyde

My mother’s parents.  Those were their names.  Kitty Jane Kingsland and Joel Clyde Wise. Grandpa Wise was a big, strong man with a mercurial temper and a wide mean streak, an old railroader from a hard-drinking family, all of whom were incredibly gifted with making music.  Much of our family’s musical acumen came through his genetic offering.  With his sons … Continue reading »

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it was early and Jimmie’s Diner was mostly empty. Granger sat quietly, gazing off into middle distance that sees epochs and colors and ideas  unexperienced in this life.  The steam curling upward from the fresh refill of coffee Rizzo had just poured mingled with the melody he was softly humming to himself. A steno book lay … Continue reading »

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“It was as if each person was a priest, and they were all healing one another. The God-talk was honest and experience-based, not “belief”-based. There was no hesitancy for each person to describe their history of failure and recovery–or death and resurrection, if you prefer Christian vocabulary. . . . The entrance requirement for an … Continue reading »

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I Warned Him. . .

I told him and told him and told him. “Keep it in your mini-fridge.  You know you need it, that your body has to have it to function.  Please, Zach.  You’re working enough to make sure you have plenty.  Please take care of yourself!  Keep.  It.  In.  Your.  Fridge.” I got the usual snarky reassurances … Continue reading »

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