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Monthly Archives: April 2015

QTMs for 4/30/15: THE PATH AHEAD

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been.  The only thing that matters is where you’re going and how committed you are to getting there. God had great purpose in identifying Himself to Moses as He did. “Okay, like, I’m toast where Egypt’s concerned.  They have long memories, so my name’s only gonna tick them off.  So … Continue reading »

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We’ve all known about ‘The Love Chapter’.  It’s included in a passel of weddings, even involving folks who’d never enter a church with personal invitations from every member of the board of elders, the entire proceeds of last Sunday’s offering, and Sister Gladys’s promise not to play the organ. Okay, parts of it are included. Why cherry-pick … Continue reading »

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Sunday QTMs for 4/26/15: THOU SHALT NOT WHIMPER

That would be the 11th commandment if I were writing them:  THOU SHALT NOT WHIMPER. In this life, every one of us will on occasion find excuses to sit and whine that things aren’t fair.  It will have nothing to do with outside circumstances.  Rotten experiences hit us all. It isn’t that either you or … Continue reading »

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Quiet Time Musings for 4/24/15: WE A-A-ARE—-ONE!

In any little American town during the Fall, Friday night is football night. When the grass has stopped growing at Ludicrous Speed . . .  When the trees have begun trying on Autumn colors in an innocent-seeming deceptive feint as they conspire to drop all their leaves at once . . .  When the same store that’s gone … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 4/23/15: H-A-B-I-T: HUNGH!

I had my face almost lathered when it hit me.  Oh, ha ha.  No, not my face and not the lather.  I had a full-blown idea.  Yeah.  That early.  Not bad . . . I shave the same way, every day.  Might have something to do with being right-handed, but I always make that little … Continue reading »

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Scars . . . I have some ugly ones.  The ones you can see are fading over time.  Their effects?  As if it were happening right now. Back in March a few days before Easter, a young pastor friend shared some great insights about scars.  I asked if he’d mind if I expanded on them … Continue reading »

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When somebody makes something look easy, it’s because they’ve been doing it the hard way for years.  They’ve been doing a lot of practicing. “The Hard Way” is defined as something you stayed at until it got easier. I’m a recovering perfectionist.  That means if I’m not careful, everything I do is always “The Hard … Continue reading »

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Sometime about 4th or 5th grade we lived for a time behind a magical little store called Buck’s Corner.  It predated 7-11 and QuikTrip, those streamlined, impersonal, garishly-colored, almost-automated glass-and-plastic voracious beasts made necessary by a drive-anywhere lifestyle.  They’re never more happy than when ingesting and spitting out people. Not so with Bucks Corner.  Our little store … Continue reading »

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Travel Planning . . .

Everybody likes to get outta town once in awhile. Right? Since it’s edging toward the time of year when we all consider where we’d like to visit next, I’m tossing out a few places of interest.  You might want to include them in your next itinerary.  That said, I give you TRAVEL PLANS FOR 2015  I have … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 4/10/15: SO, WHAT’S JESUS UP TO NOW?

“Bible?” He recognized the somewhat scratchy voice and droll, mildly sardonic tones. “And a gentle good morning to you, Raven Wing.”  Granger had long since given up wondering how a graying, slightly robust woman could possibly get up three flights of stairs and into his office without a sound.  She was, after all, half Umatilla Indian.  … Continue reading »

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