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Monthly Archives: December 2014

QTMs for 12/10/14: SAME TIME NEXT YEAR?

I felt the roiling in my stomach; I was halfway to throwing up. On this morning’s news headlines, a well-dressed young woman responded to a reporter’s query:  “I don’t see a thing wrong with them blocking traffic and demonstrating about the unfairness and racism in America.”  Three others, chosen at random, said much the same. … Continue reading »

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I’m on the hunt for who I’ve not yet become. “Okay, wait.  This smacks of New Year’s resolutions.  Christmas?  Hel-LO-ow!” In one way I take your point.  I believe it the height of ridiculosity to see Halloween detritus creeping like cudzu into stores while July 4th stuff is in the 75% OFF buggies in the front of … Continue reading »

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Ever get the feeling somebody you’ve tried to snow knows a lot more about you than they’re revealing? In prepping a recent Quiet Time Musings episode, I looked up a snippet of OT verse. Old Sam had reached the end of his tether.  Cashin’ in his chips.  Hangin’ up ‘is spurs.  Takin’ his last ride. When … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 12/7/14: JUST KEEP DOING IT

The only validation to praying is God’s answer. So keep praying.  Don’t stop. Doesn’t matter what time it is.  I was awakened at 2:47 this morning with a sense that somebody needed some prayer cover.  I uncobwebbed my wits and began praying until the immediacy of it passed and I went back to sleep. Ever … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 12/5/14: DON’T YOU DARE LET GO.

Dads know that look. Kids in their adult years have it down . . . Does he have a clue how–how hipster he looks?  And how many times is he gonna tell that same story?  And he barely functions with his smart phone.  And he’s just–he’s just so–   Wow.  Just . . . wow.  Dads see … Continue reading »

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There have been times my life’s philosophy could be, “Clean up on Aisle 17.” I’ve had days like that.  I’ve had years like that. I was raised by a man’s man, a hard-working, responsible, caring man.  Nothing about Daddy left me thinking, “Soft”.  His large hands were hardened and calloused from a lifetime of honest, steady … Continue reading »

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