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Monthly Archives: November 2014


Feels like we’ve done this forever.  He shrugged a little deeper into the collar of his coat, feeling more of the morning chill now that he’d turned the corner and officially become a ‘senior citizen’.  He grinned at himself:  I now qualify for those stupid discounts all those impossibly-young teenies keep asking me if I … Continue reading »

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Sunday Musings for 11/2/14: DRUG PROBLEMS

I know you’ve heard the joke. “I had a serious drug problem as a kid.  Every time there was anything going on at the church, my parents drug me there!” It’s no joke.  I’m a result of being drug like that.  I’m who and what I now am because they made me go with ’em … Continue reading »

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random responses of a weary mind

Good morning, friend.  Coffee?  I’ve a pot of fresh, hot Community Columbian right here.  Slide your cup over; I’ll pour. “Okay, Dan.  You haven’t begun a 2nd Cup like that since you started blogging.  I know how focused you are on becoming a better writer, both for your readers and for yourself.  I know it’s … Continue reading »

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