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Monthly Archives: October 2014


  “Really?” Okay.  I knew that Voice.  Heard it often enough.  Really odd, though…  as a boy, I could have sworn on a stack of GRIT newspapers that God sounded a lot like my dad.  Across the years, that Voice sounded like other significant people in my life.  In fact, I remember this one time– … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 10/28/14: GRACE HAS A RING TO IT

The autumn breeze lifted one corner of the fake green turf covering the pile of dirt.  Unattached leaves of every imaginable color swirled and raced each other, reminding the chaplain of some middle school kids he’d watched playing yesterday afternoon. He sat quietly, looking at the casket, wondering again what the old man’s life had been.  … Continue reading »

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The 10 Most Important Words of Personal Responsibility

According to authors B. J. Gallagher and Steve Ventura, here are the ten most important words of personal responsibility: The 10 most important words: I won’t wait for others to take the first step. The 9 most important words: If it is to be, it’s up to me. The 8 most important words: If not … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 10/25/14: COFFEE WITH GOD

“Any idea what all Grace covers?” I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by now at anything God does.  I’ve walked with Him for most of my life.  It’s still magnificently impressive when He just quietly sits down in the booth across from me and asks a question. You?  Well, you’d likely be cool and have … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 10/21/1: “SHOULD I WAKE UP TIRED (Or Let ‘im Sleep?”)

Some disabilities don’t show. “Why, you’re just the picture of health.” “If you hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have known!” “Wow–you really need to tell your story.” In order, the answers are: “Well, I’m not.” “That’s why I tried to open your eyes.” “That’s why I’m putting all this effort into writing and working on a book … Continue reading »

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#11: LET ‘ER RIP! Journey To The Center of Mirth

“Hi, I’m Dan and I drink out of milk bottles.” There was a hesitant, ragged chorus:  A bunch of “Hi, Dan.”  “Yo.”  “Hey, dude.”  One guy dressed like I always imagined lumberjacks would look muttered, “You go, man.”  I envied his boots. Encouraged, I continued.  “I’m also a putative writer.  I often find myself in a hypnopompic … Continue reading »

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I’ve long distrusted the ‘Aah, it’s great, you’ll love it’ approach to downloading apps on smartphones. Here’s one reason why, and it’s as new as this morning’s headlines.  Please–make the time to check out this information.  I hope it makes you as wary as it does me. This isn’t fun, exotic or entertaining.  Those behind … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 10/15/14: WHAT WOULD I TELL HIM?

  Dads and their girls have special relationships.  God intended it that way, since those would be the very first guys in their lives. My girls are precious to me.  I pray more for them now that they’re adults than I ever did when they were their cute Lil’ Sneakums selves.  And I remember doing … Continue reading »

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It can all be gone in a matter of minutes. Everything. Ask anyone who’s survived a hurricane or tornado striking.  A major accident.  A life-threatening disease.  Life as you’ve known it, become accustomed to it, can abruptly change. So can everybody.  Those whom you’ve become very used to having around can easily, quickly disappear.  With … Continue reading »

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Saturday Morning QTMs – 10/11/14: WHAT YOU THINK DOESN’T MATTER

Having turned 62 a few days back, Babycakes got me a rare treat for this year’s present:  a brand-new hardcover Thompson Chain NIV Bible.  The tired, blurred, smudged, oily-paged veteran it replaces was a 1984 model. Hard cover scuffed, corners bent, duct tape holding it on several layers thick from repeated patch jobs.  So noted, underlined, … Continue reading »

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