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Monthly Archives: May 2014


warrior (n)  1.  somebody who takes part in, or is experienced in warfare. 2.  somebody in conflict:  somebody who takes part in a struggle or conflict.  A hero is somebody who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.  The bravest thing you can do when you are not brave is to … Continue reading »

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Do something every day to strengthen your body, mind and spirit. Every day. “Do you?” I do.  It’s rarely the exact same thing, except my exercise regimen.  With that I am fairly precise.  12 reps of 7 exercises with 10-lb. weights meant to keep shoulders and arms limber and strong.  50 stomach crunches.  As many pushups … Continue reading »

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I routinely collect great stuff from selected sites whose authors I’ve learned to trust.  What follows was in my inbox this morning.  I want you to read it because our nation right now is being driven by The Boys Down At The Stable–persons who are benefitting from others’ distress and discouragement. You, 2nd Cupper, are … Continue reading »

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Stay curious.  Be alert for new things to learn–or new parts of known things.  With every job, every profession you have to start somewhere.  It’s called, ‘Entry level’. Life, however, is not a continual entry level deal. The saddest imaginable thing is a stagnant mind and bloated spirit because its owner stopped learning and quit … Continue reading »

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HEY, DON’T MENTION IT. (Just Kidding–Tell Me More…)

Doesn’t it warm you up to have somebody say ‘thank you’ for something they’ve noticed about you?  Never gets old, right?  Actually, gratitude being expressed rarely has a chance to get old; we don’t exercise it nearly enough.  Receiving this in this morning’s inbox got me to thinking it needs to be passed along and paid … Continue reading »

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  I suppose it’s inescapable.  When you’re a tyke, moms are onerous, overbearing taskmasters whose total vocabulary consists of one, resounding, echoing, “NO!” And those frowns.  Oh, baby–an outlaw biker giving you the massive stinkeye after seeing the scratch you just etched on the newly-painted gas tank of his customized FatBob XFDF has nothin’ on the fierce … Continue reading »

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