Quiet Time Musings, 12/5/16: FIRE & FORGETS

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They’re those steady, dependable people you wish you had a lot more of.  Give them a job, a responsibility and let them go.  Yeah.  Like those honking big missiles  fighter pilots have to disrupt incoming hordes of aircraft.  Let them lock on, drop ’em off the wing, and go on about your sightseeing tour.  The target is toast.

Fire & Forget folks are a lot like that.  They don’t have radar or infrared tracking but they do have real good minds that pick up on a lot more than they reveal.  You can go on with your ‘to-do’ list because whatever you gave them to do gets done, and to the best of their means and ability.


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Quietly efficient they are, only late if forced to be.  Micromanaging one will get you less work, greater discomfort and mounting irritation, for F & Fs are famous for micromanaging themselves, given the chance.

You won’t usually find Fire & Forgets being raucous and the life of the party.  They’re often introverted, more at home sitting off to the side, chatting with one or two friends.

This affable, quiet exterior is sometimes mistaken for dullness and lack of motivation at your peril.  They say little, yet notice it all.  Fire & Forgets become targets for “I-Love-A-Party” personality types who crave and thrive on attention.  They also tend to be overloaded with responsibilities the former were given but didn’t, couldn’t or wouldn’t pull off.

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These amazing individuals have their own unique gifts and usually startling and unforgettable stories.  But few know them because Fire & Forgets are most always generalists, having been often tapped to do lesser things, forced to step in at the last minute for this or that.  It’s why they often as not fail to deliver as perfectly as critics might expect.

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It takes a lot to discourage a Fire & Forget.  They tend to have a keen sense of duty and will often follow through with a task to their own detriment just to see it finished well.  And when they perceive their performance lacking, they’re harder on themselves than any other will be.

They do, however, have their limits.

When saturated with all the things others expect of them, they rarely raise their voices or create a fuss.  They finish the current task before them, gently disengage and you’ll rarely see them again.

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You’ve heard it:  “It takes all kinds.”  Leaving the joke aside, it does take all kinds — and that includes these interesting, deep-channeled Fire & Forgets.

Want to make one a lifelong friend?  Tell them it’s okay to say, “No”.  Help them learn how.  They’re not used to it.

© D. Dean Boone, December 2016


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Few enjoy hearing hard truth.  The mature recognize its value.

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It’s galling to be identified merely because of one’s age.  I often hear from 30-somethings the mantra, “I’m not like that!  Don’t lump me in with them!”

I get it.  It’s a mistake to presuppose who and what a person is based on the habits and actions of the majority of their generation.

I commend each individual who chooses to step away from those others at every opportunity and define oneself.  People in herds tend to be lazy, gullible thinkers.  After all, it’s easier to parrot what someone else with a big mouth and an opinion says than to stop and think things through for oneself.  They are prime targets for older, agenda-driven manipulators who know the effect of repeated indoctrination.

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I give you the current crop of American college and university-age students as a whimpering, breathtaking experiment in lazy, hazy thinking.  Recent and ongoing newscasts repeat with annoying sameness the thousands of tenderized souls huddled in weeping circles, seeking solace in puppies, ice cream and safe areas because something or other didn’t follow their presupposed script about How Things Are Supposed To Be.

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They are stunned that Life couldn’t care less about their likes or preferences.  Among their number are a handful of thoughtful young individuals who shun the foolishness of’ something-for-nothing.  Sadly, they are the notable exceptions.

They are also the hope on our horizon, and those for whom the following was written by Gary Ryan Blair.  It’s going to hit hard.  Only the hardy will receive it.  The rest will shrink away in revulsion, dissolving into fresh tears and wondering if all the puppies are taken.

Let them.  I don’t say it unkindly.  They’re mentally and socially saturated with years of socialist thought.  Until they choose to awaken, nothing can be done.

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For the tough-minded, fed-up soul, then, who believes in tomorrow, I’m offering this straight talk.  It’s for self-assured men, women and individuals unafraid of big challenges.  And it comes from one of a handful of forward-thinking create-a-different-box people whose thinking lights my ‘burners.


Hesitate in any way and I will outhustle you.   *   Show up unprepared and I will clean your clock.   *   Move slow and I will run circles around you.   *   Underestimate me and I will teach you a lesson.   *   Don’t follow up and I will gladly steal your customers.   *   Underperform and I will make you look foolish.   *    Make a mistake and I will use it to my advantage.   *  Don’t give it your all and I will make you pay for it.   *    Miss a deadline and I will capitalize on your carelessness.   *    Lose focus and I will eat you for lunch.   *    Refuse to go the extra mile and I will show you up.   *    Lie, cheat or steal and I will expose your Achilles heel.   *    Resist change and I will eliminate you from the game.   *    Don’t do things right the first time and I will outclass you.   *   If you have a weakness or vulnerability I will find it.   *   Each day I am determined to beat you and win.   *   Stay paranoid, my furry friend, as I am out to get you.   *   Who am I?   *   I am your competition.  ~ Gary Ryan Blair – separately copyrighted

You might want to take this with a full glass of humility.  Over the past 8 years, you might’ve gotten a little lax.  Cut a few corners.  Dialed down a little of your personal, professional integrity.  I get it.  Look at The Top.  If those in leadership are openly corrupted, hey, who’s gonna know–’cause you’ll still look better than 87% of anyone else out there.  Right?

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Wrong.  You’ll know.  You.  Lock in on this.  There’s nothing honorable about being at the bottom of the top.  You don’t rate a trophy for being the cream of the crap.  

Remember what this blog is all about:  to lift, encourage, edify and challenge toward personal and spiritual excellence.  If you sloughed off some, knock it off a lot.  Your clients, customers, and your team deserve your best.  That’s the only legitimate way you can expect their best.

No judgmentalism here.  Encouragement!  Get up off-a that thing, and work ’til you feel better!  New leadership.  New vision.  Renewed ideals.  And you need to be a part of it.  You be being the excellence you want to see when you walk in the door.

Building something is rarely simple.  It’s always worth it.

© D. Dean Boone, December 2016


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“You shouldn’t talk about Mom that way!”

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That elicited a half-lidded, right-eyebrow-cocked, head-slightly-canted, lip-quirked stare – you know, the soundless equivalent of, “Really?  You went there?”

Everyone knew better, since we were standing in my garage next to our little red convertible SVT Cobra Mustang.  We engaged in the usual parent-child-sibling verbal Ping-Pong, laughed and then repeated that sacred phrase:

“Time for leftovers!”


No one was wounded in the stampede.  Much.  Band Aids.  Big dill.

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The Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year corridor is a rushed, busy place.  We zip past things from 2016 we ought to slow down and savor.  The bright light of 2017 draws us faster until, like moths, we swarm it while forgetting the first day of the new year will look just like the last day of the old one – excepting the mess.

What would a tune-up look like for you?  Body, mind, and spirit need continuous care, too.  Odd, isn’t it, that we’re pretty careful about mental and physical health especially following the holiday season while letting our spiritual wellness lag?

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There’s a community of caring, loving Christ-followers nearby you.  Chances are you know them and they know you.  During these waning days of ’16, pull in there, oh, once a week at least and get a tune-up.  That way, as Pampered ’17 waddles into Time, you’ll be in good shape to receive it.

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I think it’s a good thing to worship the Christ at Christmas.  I think it’s better to worship Him the rest of the year, too.

© D. Dean Boone, December 2016

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100-Word Stroll, 11/21/16: INSIDE THE WRAPPER

My racing thoughts came to a tire-smoking NASCAR stop.  I backed up and read it again.  It read the same way.

The cup itself adds no quality to the coffee.

I thunk thoughts.

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Bad coffee doesn’t become good by using nicer cups.  Washed, polished crystal can’t transform mediocre coffee.

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Anyone with some pride tries to look good.  Me.  You.  Society thanks us all.  Yet spending time polishing the cup while ignoring what’s in it is a fool’s errand.  Anyone can collect great cups.  The wise spend time perfecting the coffee.

Focus on what you’re putting on the inside, and few will notice the cup.

© D. Dean Boone, November 2016

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It’s amazing how many know Bible accounts while disclaiming they believe any of it.

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Case in point:  the ‘hoe’ the priests and their sycophants threw to the ground before Jesus.  “Whichever one of you is innocent and totally sinless, how about you throwing the first rock?”

“Garbage Margin” is that wide space you give everyone around you to absorb all their quirks, bad habits, dumb remarks and dumber actions.

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Why?  Because you want them to do that for you.  Two choices:  be offended (#gagmewithawoodenspoon), or ‘Garbage-Margin’ it.  Toss it.  Let go of it.

The man or woman for whom you voted cannot, will not save you.  They never could.  Your savior is not Hillary or Donald.

It is Jesus.

It’s at hearing His name that one day every knee will bow while every mouth admits that He is Lord.  The glory for all that belongs to God, not Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or any other person on Earth.

So.  Let’s simplify things.  Stop whining about not getting your way if your candidate lost.  Stop gloating if yours won.  We have time for neither.  It’s childish, and the Bible teaches to have childlike faith – not childish fantasies.

Tough Love | Sometimes people, including your own family, will not understand the love

Stop treating one another shabbily.  A moratorium on Facebook ranting by college students who seem unable to attach words together or reasonably explain their personal beef might be a good place to start.  And how about major new outlets – ALL of them – refusing to give them and their sponsors ANY coverage, denying them cameras and mics?  How about treating them as lawbreakers, unchaining the police and letting them do their jobs, free of our censure or interference?

For the rest of us?  Garbage Margin, everybody.  Treat one another as you’d want to be treated.  No one said we must see, think or believe alike.  We’re not commanded to like everybody, either.  Yet we have been told to love one another.  Sometimes love has to be tough to be effective.

I’m thinking right about now is one of those times.

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© D. Dean Boone, November 2016

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Q(uiet) T(ime) M(usings) for 11/9/16: BE A CRAFTY LITTLE JERK

This waited in my inbox this morning.

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A guy is walking along a beach when he comes across a lamp partially buried in the sand. He picks up the lamp and gives it a rub to brush off the sand.

A genie appears and tells him he has been granted one wish.

The guy thinks for a moment and says, “I want to live forever.”

“Sorry,” said the genie, “I’m not allowed to grant eternal life.”

“Okay, then, I want to die after Congress balances the budget and eliminates the debt.”

“You are a crafty little jerk,” said the genie.

The job before us will take time.  All of us pinned our hopes on one of two people.  Some of us are relieved and elated, while others are disgusted and incredulous.  Such is the nature of our representative republic:  we each get to believe in and support – and vote for – our own choice.

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Many tried to influence those votes, even to the point of coercing by saying the outcome was assured.

They were wrong.

Enough of us Americans of all preferences and origins saw through the media jamming and the political meddling meant to divide us by any means possible, and made our decision.

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It is time for us to forsake the intentional splintering and isolating of our nation over the last eight years.  We are Americans, you and I.  We still have our individual preferences, likes and dislikes.  That’s as it should be, for such are protected by that precious document that separates the United States of America from every other nation on the planet:  The U. S. Constitution.

Join me in holding up our President-elect and his chosen team to be accountable for the biggest promise of the campaign:  to make America great again.  I believe America’s greatness never was truly lost, for it resides in the individual abilities and collective heart of you and I.  It’s up to us to restore meaning and treasured status to the term, “American citizen.”

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You’ve heard that anyone or anything that comes between you and God is not your friend?  It is also true that anyone who tries to divide you from your brother or sister citizen is not your friend, either.  We can respect each other’s differences and opposite opinions while remaining friends as we all learn about and acknowledge hard truths which will soon be revealed.

Truth – God’s truth – is marching on.

It is time for us to be the United States of America again.

©  D. Dean Boone, November 2016


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QTMs for 11/6/16: WHAT A PRIVILEGE . . .

I say, “More things are wrought by prayer–”   And you finish with, “–than this world dreams of.”

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I awoke early this morning with someone on my heart and mind.  That always means God is directing some of His spiritual warriors to pray for that person’s need, strength, help, provision, faith and Christian witness.  I know that because I’ve compared notes often enough after the fact to know:  God lays such prayer missions on a team of men and women, local or anywhere in the world, whom He knows will stop what they’re doing or get up and pray.

Usually I don’t know for whom I’m praying; just that a brother or sister somewhere is facing some giant and needs some other believers to have his or her back.  In this case it was a blessing to attach a name and face to God’s request to join a small team of spiritual warriors in this person’s behalf.

As part of this unknown team, it is always my privilege to do so.  The sleep lost is more than made up for by the stimulation of being used of God for another.

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And so, dear friend and Christian colleague with whom I worship every Sunday that we’re both there, I’m honored to have your back in whatever threatens your body, mind or spirit.  God heard, sent out the call, and the answers are on the way.

For the rest of you reading this, I thought it might be nice for you to know from whence the quotation derives.

 Then loudly cried the bold Sir Bedivere: “Ah! my— Hey!  Where do you think you’re going?  Bring that coffee cup back over here, let me refill it, and let’s share a little couth.  ‘Kay?  Let’s try this again.  Then loudly cried the bold Sir Bedivere: “Ah! my Lord Arthur, whither shall I go? Where shall I hide my forehead and my eyes? For now I see the true old times are dead, When every morning brought a noble chance,      And every chance brought out a noble knight.  Such times have been not since the light that led The holy Elders with the gift of myrrh. But now the whole ROUND TABLE is dissolved Which was an image of the mighty

Image result for Sir Bedivere and Excalibur gif

world; And I, the last, go forth companionless, And the days darken round me, and the years, Among new men, strange faces, other minds.” And slowly answer’d Arthur from the barge: “The old order changeth, yielding place to new,      And God fulfils Himself in many ways, Lest one good custom should corrupt the world. Comfort thyself: what comfort is in me? I have lived my life, and that which I have done May He within Himself make pure! but thou, If thou shouldst never see my face again, Pray for my soul. More things are wrought by prayer Than this world dreams of. Wherefore, let thy voice Rise like a fountain for me night and day. For what are men better than sheep or goats     That nourish a blind life within the brain, If, knowing God, they lift not hands of prayer Both for themselves and those who call them friend?from an exerpt of “Morte D’Arthur”, Alfred Tennyson, 1809-1892 from Poems, 4th edition (London:  Moxon, 1845).

Unless you’ve read this entire poem, you don’t know how often Bedivere tried to throw Excalibur back into the lake.  The poem is lengthy, written when people took time to think about what they were writing, and even more time to read.

Image result for coffee and spiritual battle

Hm.  There’s a lesson there that goes along with front porches, patios and, of course, good coffee.

© D. Dean Boone, November 2016

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Hillsdale College Then-President George C. Roche III:  We have with us a man of affairs, a man who has had the personal experience of exploring the whole question of economics and our social structure and our institutional ideas and where we indeed should go from here. He’s had the responsibility of making some hard decisions in that area. So he brings a special kind of expert knowledge to us. I scarcely need to introduce our speaker this evening, so let me take the advantage of a captive audience to tell you a story which I trust will be apropos.

Image result for Tearing down of the Berlin Wall

Related image

I know a lady, who, twice in her life has lost her country. She lost it the first time as a very young woman when, in Czarist Russia, the Bolshevik Revolution occurred and she barely escaped with her life. She came to Cuba, started again from scratch, once again built up a very successful competence, was doing very well. And this time, as an elderly woman, again, she lost her country at the time Castro took over. Now, losing one’s country once would be enough for most of use, I suppose. Losing one’s country twice would be enough for the toughest person in the house — but not for this very indomitable lady. She came to the United States where again she started from scratch and again built up a very successful competence. And now as a very elderly person, I’ve heard her tell this story on more than one occasion and invariably someone in the audience, when she is finished, will say, “You poor, unlucky woman. How you have suffered. What an ordeal you have been through.” And her answer is always the same: “I, unlucky? Ah, no. I am one of the luckiest women who ever lived. Twice I have lost my country. Twice I have had a country to which I can go. When you Americans lose your country, where will you go?” I’ve heard her ask the question more than once. I’ve never heard a convincing answer.

When you Americans lose your country, where will you go?

If you look around the rest of the world, you’ll see that in terms of what we hope for for our children, in terms of economic opportunity, in terms of the dignity of individual personality, that this is a world that doesn’t value such things very highly just now. If it can’t be done here in this country, it won’t be done. And, in fact, more and more Americans have come to realize that, and as that realization has grown, we’ve done what all people should do in that case — we’ve looked around for leader, someone in whom we repose the kind of confidence necessary to lead us back to taking over our country once again. And, of course, we’ve found that man. And for millions of Americans, that one man demonstrated in elected office what he could do, and more important he demonstrated in principle and integrity and in courage what real leadership can mean. He epitomizes for us exactly the effort to take this country back, to give our children the chance for the kind prosperity and the kind dignity that used to be associated with being “typically American.” Those values and those institutions are very much worthy of defense and we have with us their outstanding defender. The battle isn’t over yet, but he remains our leader, as we get on with the task of taking our country back.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Governor Ronald Reagan.

We’ve had enough of sideline kibitzers telling us the system which they themselves have thrown out of sync with their social tinkering can be improved or saved if we’ll only have more of that tinkering or even government planning and management. They play fast and loose with a system that for 200 years made us the light of the world; the refuge for people from all over the world who just yearn to breathe free. You heard the moving story of the woman who came through two countries and finally to this country.

It’s time we recognized that the system, no matter what our problems are, has never failed us once. Every time we have failed the system, usually by lacking faith in it, usually by saying we have to change and do something else. If you want an example of the power of this system, the government told us a short time ago that the new poverty level in the United States was 5,500 dollars of earnings. At 5,500 dollars you are living in poverty in America. 5,500 dollars is eight times as high as the average standard of living for the rest of the world.

A Supreme Court Justice has said the time has come, indeed is long overdue, for the wisdom, ingenuity, and resources of American business to be marshaled against those who would destroy it.

What specifically should be done? The first essential for the businessman is to confront the problem as a primary responsibility of corporate management. It’s been said that history is the patter of silken slippers descending the stairs and the thunder of hob-nail boots coming up. Back through the years we have seen people fleeing the thunder of those boots to seek refuge in this land. And now too many of them, like the lady from Cuba, have seen signs, the signs that were ignored in their homeland before the end came, signs appearing here. They wonder if they’ll have to flee again, but they know there is no place to run to. Will we, before it is too late, use the vitality and the magic of the marketplace to save this way of life, or will we one day face our children, and our children’s children when they ask us where we were and what we were doing on the day that freedom was lost?

Pay attention to this powerful ending of an address then-governor Ronald Reagan gave at Hillsdale College in 1977.  The parallels to now are chilling and inescapable.  Pay careful heed to the question the Russian woman asked:  “When you Americans lose your country, where will you go?”

Dan, for 2nd Cup of Coffee

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Granger silently sipped his fresh-brewed Peet’s Big Bang medium roast, watching the play of conflicting emotions on his younger friend’s face.  Few things got to the sheriff’s deputy to the point he was speechless; Sparks had served two arduous tours in Afghanistan, survived and returned to put his experience and work ethic to good use with the county sheriff’s department.

It seemed he’d run into one.  “Have you read all the stuff that’s coming out about her?”  Sparks brandished the iPad he’d been reading, catching up on the latest news from the disgusting, exhausting swirl of politics.  “Her own campaign chairman is quoting somebody as saying she smells “like boiled cabbage, urine and farts” and that her mouth isn’t the only foul thing about her.  Right here on Facebook, with pics of the email!”

Image result for tough sheriff

Granger rocked slightly in his venerable office chair.  Making eye contact with his disturbed friend, he only nodded.  This seemed to irritate the tough veteran cop and he not-so-gently plopped Granger’s iPad down on the chair’s padded arm.

“How bad’s this gonna get, Granger?  How far are these people gonna follow her?  Are they really that stupid?  Can’t they see it?  I mean, they blind?  I’m no little kid, and I’ve never seen anything quite like this level of open defiance of the law and smug arrogance and–and the LYING, man!  Even under OATH!  And NOTHIN’ HAPPENS!”  I mean, it’s like spooky–like she’s got them entranced or something!”  As he said this, he suddenly stood and stalked over to one of the windows looking down on Douglas.Image result for political crap gif

Giving it a beat, Granger thoughtfully sipped the fragrant, tasty brew as he ordered his thoughts.

“This political mess needed to happen.  I know you understand this.  When people get so used to getting by with conning everybody around them, they become more and more brazen, thinking, “If that worked, then maybe we can try this.”  The sitting President is a good example.  It becomes a lifestyle, as natural as breathing, eating and bathing.  Well, or… not.”  He took another appreciative drink of coffee.

“What do you mean, it had to happen?”

“Sparks, you’ve dealt with enough addictive personalities to know they’ve got to hit bedrock, bounce, slide and scrape some hide off their self-importance and opinions before you can even get their attention.  Right?”  Canting his head down and to the left, the deputy grudgingly agreed.

Image result for addict hitting bottom

“Don’t you think Madame Pigpen has known for a long time she’s been routinely breaking rules and laws?  Using anyone she thought could give her an advantage?  Ruining reputations and lives?  She’s neither ignorant nor innocent.  She’s been canny and wily, sweet-talking, making deals and cajoling others to directly do her bidding so she could seem distant from it all.”

Sparks had turned, resting his backside on the windowsill.  “And?”

“There’s only one way to cut out rot and putrifying dead stuff:  uncover it, dig it out – ALL of it – kill it, treat the wound, let it heal and start over.”  Granger saw he had the young man’s attention.

“Right now our nation is reeling from the sheer expanse, the pervasiveness of the rot and corruption in the Democrat party in general and the entire Clinton crime network in particular.  Make no mistake:  some supposed Good Guys from Independent and Republican circles have been implicated in it, too – or they soon will be.”

Image result for addict hitting bottom

Absentmindedly twirling his uniform ballcap, Sparks slowly nodded.  “Okay.”

“When normal folks, regular citizens, get good and fed up, it’s not pretty.  And once they decide it’s time for some changes, it can be abrupt.  Yet once the nation’s attention, its revulsion at what’s been revealed, and retribution for the Democrat Left and it’s sycophants has abated some, the show’s not over.”


“The pendulum will keep swinging past where reason dictates it should stop.  It will swing too wide; it always does.  It’s victims will all be howling, “UNFAIR!” and to a degree, in part it will be; it always is.

Image result for guillotine gif

Image result for swinging pendulum gif

“When that occurs, the reason lies squarely in the ample lap of She Who Would Be Queen.  She could have stopped at any point, yet she thought the rape of our country and the rending of our values and way of life was too tempting to curtail her headlong stampede of abuses and maltreatment of anyone who dared try to stop her.

“She has spun so many lies she no longer recognizes truth.  Seeing America’s presidency as her right, she’ll never accept that she’s gutted her own chances by her own actions.  She’ll go down screaming her defiance, lashing out and trying to destroy as many as she can take with her – and there have been many who fell beneath her spell of money and power.  Some were as criminally ambitious as she, and others at the beginning had their own dreams, thinking she was The One to whose star they could hitch their U-Hauls.

Image result for empty candy wrappers

“Sparks, I’m telling you:  even after all we’re now finding out?   If she’s connived and corrupted SO many to the point she wins?  She still loses.  None of the things she’s done will go away, nor will the stories and memories of the people she’s destroyed.  None of those she depended on to lie and cheat and steal for her, whom she’s now tossing aside like Halloween candy wrappers, will forget that when they needed her, Ol’ Pigpen didn’t know ’em.

“No–even if Hillary Clinton wins, she loses.  Unfortunately, so do we all.”  It got quiet in the office for a few breaths.

“Hey, Sparks?”  The deputy raised his head and arched his eyebrows to his mentor and friend.

“Lock up when you leave, will ya?  I’ve got to take a walk and clear my head.”

© D. Dean Boone, November 2016

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We do.

‘We’ is Shepherds’ Fold Ministries.  You’ll find vital information at




Image result for coffee and tired pastors gif

Each year around this time we invite evangelical ministers and wives of all denominations from around Kansas to meet in Wichita for an annual DAY of RENEWAL.  That event occurred yesterday.

Shepherds’ Fold exists to offer year-round care and encouragement for pastors, their spouses and families.  DAY of RENEWAL is one vital part of that ongoing ministry.  In it, we

  • bring in noted speakers to recharge our batteries and lead us a bit closer to the Master Shepherd’s design for this crazy, never-boring, Eternity-powered calling to shepherd His sheep.
  • We provide top-drawer musicians and singers from area churches to lead the crowd in some spirited, energetic and worshipful singing and reflection.
  • We work with terrific local businesses who sponsor, and often donate, time and resources to feed, empower, revitalize and reward everyone who comes each year.

We give each church represented a packet of information about the speaker’s personal ministry and written material; books written by ministers involved with Shepherds’ Fold; small but useful gifts to take home and use; and always an updated list of retreat locations for pastors.  This year highlights seven scattered around the country, with email contact for 10 more.

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  • We have ongoing onsite prayer support sponsored by a local church which begins as the first musical intro sounds and does not stop until the final ‘Amen’.

This is our way of recognizing God’s men and women from The Front.  They come to us spanning the emotional spectrum.  We welcome men and women bubbling with joyful, positive excitement that can’t wait to get back, to harried, exhausted warriors needing spiritual triage, unsure if they want to go back and everything in between.

Every year, it’s our prayer that the Holy Spirit who knows – knows us all will do His amazing reconstructive, revitalizing work.  Our desire is that no man or woman leaves the same way they arrived.

It’s called DAY of RENEWAL.  We are SHEPHERDS’ FOLD.

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To all the spiritual warriors who attended:  be strong and of good courage.  Thank you for your service.  Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

© D. Dean Boone, October 28, 2016

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